Petition to Protect Municipal Park Baseball Fields

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Municipal Park Baseball needs your help in protecting our fields.

As soon as baseball season is over, Municipal Park Football begins to practice on our baseball fields.

Annually the fields get destroyed during football season.

Municipal Park Baseball has spent over $100,000 in recent years to try and maintain a decent playing surface on which our boys and girls can play baseball.

Municipal Park Football has never contributed a dime.

On numerous occasions, grass that was replaced before a spring baseball season was unplayable by the end of football season in the fall.

Every year Municipal Park Football has said they will "rotate" their players during practice as to not tear up the same areas on the baseball fields. Every year this does not work. While we do not feel football is tearing up the fields on purpose, the nature of the sport of football with offensive line going against defensive line, destroys the root system of the grass.

In the fall of 2017, the city went as far as to erect lights on a vast green space at Langan Park near the Jimmie Morris Performing Arts Pavilion for football to practice on (lights that are still there to this day on perfectly acceptable practice space).  Football declined to use them.

It has been proposed, if football were to simply practice in shifts, there would be plenty of space for them to practice on the football field, the space at Langan Park and a designated baseball field no longer used for baseball games, allowing them to stay off of baseball fields designated for games.  Currently, football practices ALL of its teams at 6:00pm.  If they are willing to practice in 2 shifts, all of these issues will be solved.  Unfortunately, they have been unwilling to do so.

Municipal Park Baseball averages around 550 players on 40 teams and has ALWAYS practiced in shifts.  Regular shifts during baseball season are 4:00-5:30; 5:30-7:00; 7:00-8:30 (or later).  These shifts are not convenient but logistically it is the only way to do it.  Our in season games can go well past 9:00pm.

We are not asking football to do anything we are not currently doing.

We are not asking football to stay at the park later than we are.

We are not asking the city for any money.

We simply want to lock up the baseball fields and maintain them throughout the year, so they are in the best possible shape in the spring, resulting in fields and a park that everyone in the area can be proud of.