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I was 2 years old when my mom, Lazara Ordaz, went to prison. I was so young that it makes it impossible for me to remember her touch, her original scent, her comforting smile and her loving eyes. The void that I have had to endure during this long period of our separation is immeasurable and unimaginable

I was able to see my mom a couple times when she was in Danbury, but I have not been able to visit her in prison these past several years because the facilities where she has been housed are too far away. Birthdays, holidays, prom, graduations are...” Take pictures for mom”. We keep in touch thru email, monitored phone calls and a few videos chats, but I miss being able to hug my mom and spending physical time with her.

Lazara Ordaz was a young Cuban woman when she came to America many years ago. She was a history teacher in Cuba, but she was optimistic for a new start in a new country, with better opportunities, however, circumstances made her vulnerable to bad influences. My mom has made mistakes; she totally acknowledges her responsibility for those poor decisions. However, after 20 years of incarceration, two decades of separation from her family and loved ones, and with her current release date, my mom still has another 12 years left on her sentence. My mom will be over 70 years old when she comes home. She has taken at least 70 classes to prepare herself to be a productive member of our society. However, at that mature age, it is difficult to start a career. Our family is ready and willing to support her. My uncle can offer her employment to help reestablish herself in the community. It is also her passion to use her life experience to help other young people who may be falling to similar negative influences and choices. My greatest fear is she might not live to see freedom and me.

My mom is a totally different woman than the younger version. She has learned what is important and how to succeed in American society. Her sentence is too long for her crime. Under today’s sentencing guidelines she would have received a lesser sentence. She has paid long enough for her mistakes. I am proud of the woman she has become and is destined to be.
President Trump, please address this injustice, I am begging you to give my mom a second chance; please give me a chance to have a real relationship with my mom

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Lazara Serrano