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Move the Maricopa County Reentry Center (MRC) to a different DOC facility.

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The Petition: We, the citizens of the town of North Phoenix corridor, petition to move the Maricopa County Reentry Center (MRC) to another Department of Corrections facility. The Maricopa County Reentry Center (MRC) was part of the Arizona Department of Correction’s decision package for FY16.

About the MRC: Community corrections centers provide a variety of critical services, including outpatient substance abuse treatment; residential substance abuse treatment; cognitive restructuring classes; assistance in finding employment; life skills classes; sanctions; day reporting; and temporary housing for
offenders who have not yet secured permanent housing and would otherwise be living on the streets.

These offenders are required to report regularly to an assigned Community Corrections Officer and abide by the terms of their community supervision Order. During the day, the offenders are looking for work or attending the services provided by the MRC. Offenders residing at the MRC must return to the MRC each night between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm, depending upon which program they are enrolled and their employment status. If offenders fail to return at their designated time, an attempt is made to contact them to determine the legitimacy of their absence, such as having to work late. When an offender poses a high risk to the community and either cannot be contacted or does not have a legitimate reason for reporting to the center, a warrant is immediately issued.

All offenders staying at the MRC who have committed a sex offense are required to wear an electronic monitoring unit at all times. These offenders are prohibited from entering specific areas known as exclusion zones. Currently, the exclusion zones for these monitoring units include: Adams Traditional School, Norterra Canyon School, Sandra Day O’Connor High School, the Beuf Community Center and surrounding sports complex area, Desert Sage Elementary School, and Wet and Wild Water Park. Additional exclusion zones will be added. An alert notification is sent to the Community Corrections Officer if an offender wearing a monitoring unit goes into these excluded zones. An officer will immediately contact the offender and order them to leave the area.

We, the citizens of the town of North Phoenix corridor, have created this petition to express our desire to have the MRC moved to another Department of Corrections facility. Our concern is that crime will increase; families, schools and public areas will be at risk; our overall well-being will be compromised; and home values will decrease.

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