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Petition: Improve the impacts of the TYSON’s Development in Pimmit Hills/surrounding areas

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If you are a resident in Pimmit Hills or surrounding neighborhoods, we (group of residents in Pimmit Hills) request your attention about a serious issue that will impact everyone’s life in our neighborhoods. If you agree with the statements below, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION.

Why we ask for your support:

A construction project, owned and submitted to Fairfax County by a developer called THE MITRE is investing in the construction of 9-floor high rises right behind Westgate Elementary. In addition, Magarity Rd would become a 4-lane road leading to an entrance to the 495-Beltway.

We, residents of Pimmit Hills, bordering Magarity Road and Great Falls Street, have following concerns:

  • A 4-lane Magarity Rd & new high-rise will impact the atmosphere (and possibly real-estate value) of the neighborhood. The height of buildings bordering the streets of Magarity Rd and the Westgate Elementary School are over 150 feet aka 9 floors. This shall impact the look-and-feel of Pimmit Hills. Magarity Rd is planned to be a four (4) lane highway connecting Great Falls Street to Route-7 and with improvements to feed to Beltway. The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) Unfunded Project 601 asks for improvement to Magarity Rd that will increase traffic through our neighborhood streets such as Lisle Avenue, Griffith Rd, Anderson Rd, Pimmit Drive, and nearby supporting streets from external non-residents.
  • If the project moves forward, Anderson Road will be converted into an Avenue and the new Lincoln Street will be connecting Scotts Run Crossing to Magarity Rd. This shall add even more traffic to Magarity Rd and to Pimmit Hills roads. Residents already know how hard it is to implement Traffic Calming solutions to our neighborhood, and added cars on the streets will not help.
  • Residents (Pimmit Hills, and nearby neighborhoods) bordering these oversized streets will be impacted by traffic noise, speeding cars, and increased environmental pollution. It could lead to lower property value, and will significantly decrease the safety and quality of life for residents. Assuming additional traffic from Scott’s Run Crossing, new CapitalOne buildings, The Mitre buildings and future Tyson’s development would welcome at least 10,000 new residents to our area, at least 2,000 vehicles and 4,000 daily trips will be added to today’s traffic. This will be detrimental to the existing green fabric of Pimmit Hills and surrounding communities. (For further data, contact information is provided below). 
  • 10,000 more residents means crowded local Public Facilities. These new comers will send their children to Westgate and Lemon Road Elementary Schools, daycares in our area, they may want to enjoy parks, use community centers and local pools etc..
  • Pimmit Hills residents were not consulted for this project, but other communities have been. Jeff Hermann (FCDOT) has not performed a traffic neighborhood impact assessment for Pimmit Hills. McLean Citizens Association (MCA) and other gated communities were consulted even if they are less impacted by traffic than our community. 

By signing this petition, we request from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and from Fairfax County to:

  • Implement solutions to limit cut-through traffic through Pimmit Hills area, Magarity Rd and Great Falls street.
  • Eliminate plans to transform the 4-Lane transportation initiative and FCDOT 601 connecting Magarity to Route—7 and Beltway. 
  • Offer the neighborhood with additional facilities to accommodate with the sudden and vast increase in local population. We request the community to be presented with options such as a Park, a Community Center, a swimming pool
  • Create a RTAP traffic impact provision. P&Z should have a provision for RTAP program and should provide traffic mitigation to surrounding neighborhoods, especially Peabody Drive, Griffith Road, Pimmit Drive, and supporting roads.
  • In addition, we believe the creation of a bike trail to connect Pimmit Hills with the Old Dominion Trail, or capital improvement to adjacent Elementary Schools (Westgate, Lemon Road), or Pimmit Hills School would create the environment necessary to appropriately prepare for the arrival of new residents.

For any questions or further information, please email to Pimmit Hills residents:

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