Petition to Fairly Fund the Scranton School District

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The Scranton School District is in a financial crisis due, in part, to lack of funding from the state.  Thanks to SSD School Director Paul Duffy, Representative Marty Flynn, and Senator John Blake we have made some strides towards meeting the state average of per-pupil dollars for districts like ours across the state of PA; however, there is MUCH work to be done!  Our 3-year average daily membership (attendance) in SSD is 9,971 students.  In the eyes of our state, each student in SSD is worth approximately $4K.  If you look at smaller "city" districts like York and Harrisburg with 3-year ADM's of 7,900 and 7,486, respectively; the state believes each of its students to be worth approximately $9,000 and $7,400, respectively.  This is a travesty and something parents and taxpayers cannot ignore.  WE have to put the pressure on our members of Congress to FAIRLY FUND Scranton!  Our state tax dollars are essentially being handed to other districts; our students are being left to suffer from program cuts, limited access to libraries, and the looming closure of elementary schools - and this is just the beginning.  Please take a moment to sign our petition and show Harrisburg that we SEE what they are doing and we will not let this continue!!  Thank you!!!