Petition to Change Names of Towns and Cities with Violent and Islamophobic Names

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Right now, there are 22 cities and towns (18 in Mexico; 1 in Spain; 1 in Cuba; 1 in Guatemala; and 1 in Colombia) with the name "Matamoros," which means "Kill Muslims". We are respectfully calling on the heads of state, mayors, and leaders of these cities and towns to replace this hateful, violent and Islamophobic name.

In a social and political climate where Islamophobia has and continues to literally kill people (including most recently, the 50 Muslim victims of the New Zealand massacre), it is imperative that we act to change such disturbing city names.

We ask that the leaders of these countries and localities show courage, conviction and compassion by changing the names of these cities to those that do not promote hate or violence against any group.

In 2015, a town in Spain changed its name from "Castrillo Matajudios" or "Fort Kill The Jews" back to its original name of "Castrillo Mota de Judios" or "Jew's Hill Fort." The city's mayor Lorenzo Rodríguez led the charge, saying that the name was offensive to many.

This was an excellent example of a step taken to address a hateful byproduct of a painful history. Read more:

Please add your name to call for a change in the names of these cities and towns. This petition will be sent to the heads of state and leaders/mayors of all the cities and towns with the violently Islamophobic names.



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