Scottish government to issue sanitary products on prescription

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The first family planning clinic in the uk was established in 1921. Our nhs as we know it established in 1948 with free prescriptions for all, in Scotland we reverted back to this fantastic system in 2011 supported by parliament. Those on low earnings can set up a local pharmacy minor ailments service, ie paracetamol for children, creams for minor skin complaints, basically anything not requiring medical help. Fabulous right? Do you require medical help every month? I don’t but that doesn’t mean there aren’t basic issues for us all around sanitary care. 

Yet here we are in 2018 and there are girls missing school, women missing work, afraid to leave the house or worse still on the streets with nobody to turn to who simply require sanitary products. For almost one hundred years we’ve been able to help stop unplanned pregnancy without payment and with often a single visit to a gp, practice nurse or family planning clinic. How much do you spend on sanitary products? I’ve averaged at least £6 a month (never less often more) for myself, this does not include the cost for two teenage girls who fortunately can go to school without a second thought. How nice right? What if u can’t? what if you didn’t have that £6? Where would you turn? I think I have the perfect solution let’s petition the Scottish government to provide free sanitary care products through the nhs, wouldn’t it be much easier to pop into minor ailments and collect them rather than have women who cannot live day to day life simply by being on their period? I think this would see the beginning of enormous change in Scotland alone, help is required the world over let’s start here where we know our systems values. Let’s ensure that almost 100 years since we had the choice to family planning that our girls and women have the choice of a basic human requirement for free, periods are not a choice they are a fact of life for all woman. 


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