Mimi Walters: Respect the Constituents of CA-45

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Mimi Walters: Respect the Constituents of CA-45

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Robert Schneiderman started this petition to Representative Mimi Walters

The signatories to this petition request the following actions. We are your constituents and these actions reflect the will of the residents of Congressional District CA-45.

Schedule regular town-hall meetings with your constituents, immediately stop supporting policies that accelerate global warming, take action to support and protect all residents living in CA-45 regardless of their religious beliefs, and support women's reproductive rights.

Issue #1
Schedule regular town-hall meetings with constituents:
Mimi Walters must schedule and publicize regularly scheduled town hall meetings.

In order to hear first hand from both people you agree with and those with differing opinions, it is essential that you hold regularly scheduled town hall meetings. These meetings allow you see how legislation directly affects residents in CA-45 and provides an opportunity to change your positions once you gather this information.

We also expect that these regularly scheduled town hall meetings will be publicized well in advance. They should be held in a venue which provides space for all and offer enough time for constituents to have their questions heard.

Issue #2
Stop supporting policies that accelerate global warming:
Mimi Walters has voted for bills that eliminate EPA regulation of greenhouse gasses and clean water.

California is particularly vulnerable to the impact of global warming. A vote for easing the regulation of greenhouse gasses is a vote against the interests of nearly all current Californians and it will negatively impact future generations of Californians.

The residents of CA-45 deserve a Congressional representative who will vote for legislation that will slow climate change in order to maintain the beautiful beaches along our coast. We expect responsible votes in favor of policies which will reduce the probability that severe droughts in the future will devastate the winter snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and wreak havoc on our water supply and California’s agricultural production.

Mimi Walters' votes against EPA environmental protection prioritize the interests of the 15,694 coal miners in West Virginia over the 39,000,000 citizens of California. There are no coal mines in our district! Mimi Walters, we are asking you to stop voting for policies which subsidize West Virginian coal miners but harm generations of California citizens.

Issue #3
Take action to support and protect all residents living in CA-45 regardless of religious beliefs:
We call on Mimi Walters to be an ethical leader and speak out when the actions of the Trump administration appear unethical, racist, xenophobic, or target one religious group.

Mimi Walters remained silent when her constituents were being prevented from reentering the United States by a Trump administration executive order which was not related to any actual terrorist threat on Americans and did not make Americans safer.

California District 45 has the highest number of Iranian-American residents in Orange County. We call on Mimi Walters to publicly speak out against the Trump administration's proposed travel ban which will split up families in her district. The proposed ban is also impacting UC Irvine, IVC students, causing uncertainty and financial hardships for permanent residents and citizens in the district along with their families.

Issue #4
Support women's reproductive rights:
Vote against the proposal to defund Planned Parenthood.

According to the Planned Parenthood website, “Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men and young people worldwide.” Furthermore, through Planned Parenthood’s 650 health centers they are providing critical services which treat and prevent sexually transmitted infections and save lives by screening for cancers.

Issue #5
No Repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a viable replacement.
Orange County has over 34,000 ACA enrollees. Repealing the ACA without a viable replacement could cost the lives of residents in your district which you were elected to represent.

We call on Mimi Walters to publicly promise the voters of CA-45 that she will not vote for a repeal of the ACA and a delay of a viable replacement.

Mrs. Walters these issues are not Republican or Democratic, they are issues that most Californians support and are issues that a majority of your constituents support. Please publicly show your support for the issues listed above on Friday, February 24th at 3pm when we will be visiting your district office.


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This petition had 455 supporters

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