Petition for Wheaton College to reassess the new logo.

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This petition is in response to the new Wheaton College logo which was revealed on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017. Those who sign this petition want to send a clear message to the administration at Wheaton College: The new logo is in no way appropriate to represent the community of Wheaton. The faculty and student body together should reassess the logo. Wheaton College is a school built on diversity, community, intellectual exploration, and tradition. While the new logo at Wheaton is intended to revamp and help sell the “Wheaton brand,” it is actually demeaning to our integrity as a school. The new logo is generic, bland and grammatically flawed. Moreover, the logo is based on current graphic design fads which will not last through the current decade.

The student body recognizes that Wheaton needs to modernize its logo and change aspects of the old design to compete with other schools. We understand that the college seal is not being taken away and that the “W” in the Wheaton logo is very close to the W’s of other colleges in the country. Moreover, the student body also recognizes that Wheaton must continue to make itself stand out from the other Wheaton College in Illinois. The answer however is not to give in to current fads and graphic trends, but to gather as a community and decide on a logo that will represent all the things that makes Wheaton College unique. When a prospective student looks at the logo of Wheaton, which may be the only contact they get with our school, they should see a symbol which espouses the serious nature of education. “That They May Have Life and Have it Abundantly,” is Wheaton College. “Sharing with past generations the rich academic tradition of the liberal arts and sciences,” quoted directly from our mission statement, is Wheaton College. As much as our logo has to be a brand, it is also a representation of what makes our college great. Why should Wheaton give into branding over representing our rich history? We should not settle for a bland design when we can come together and find a logo that shows that Wheaton College, in Norton, Massachusetts has merit and value.

Ultimately the goal of this petition is to:

1.     Keep the new logo from becoming official.

2.     Restart the search for a new logo.

3.     Everyone at Wheaton College, including students, faculty, alumni and all staff must have final say in the logo. Student awareness was not taken seriously and the new logo should be found using democratic means.  

4.     Find a way to broadcast Wheaton values through a new logo.

We respectfully plead that the Wheaton administration listen to the student body and work with us to find a suitable logo to represent our school.

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