Safer parking facilities for drivers with young children

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Every day parents or caregivers and pregnant women are putting themselves and their children at risk due to a shortage of parent and child spaces. This is a national problem - research indicates that in the UK, 90 percent of pregnant women have reported struggling to get their bump in and out of a vehicle due to lack of space in a normal parking bay. Over half of these expectant mothers claim to have been forced to put excessive pressure on their foetus in a bid to get back into their vehicle. 

We've done our research

Our report around the issue has also revealed that 90 percent of parents more often than not cannot find a free parents and child space. Of those who cannot find a free parent and child space, 93 percent then struggle to get their children out of the car safely, due to lack of space to remove car seats and pushchairs, etc. 

In the UK there are 1.2 million public parking spaces, of which a percentage are rightly allocated to disabled drivers (37,000). This allocation is based on a recommendation set out by the Department for Transport, based on the Equality Act 2010 – (approximately 4%).  The recommendation stipulates the location and dimensions of the spaces to best benefit their users.

Other allocated parking spaces include those for parent and children. Currently, there is no official recommendation set out by government for parent and child spaces, forcing millions of parents to put their children, including unborn children, at risk.

When asked, four in every five parents (83%) would like government to introduce new parent and child parking recommendations for all car park owners.

About the 'with child' parking campaign

The 'with child' parking campaign is a parent-led campaign for safer parking facilities for families and those with young children. The campaign is designed to bring together the views of affected drivers, which will be presented to government.

The White Paper presented to government will include the support of a national petition for new parent and child spaces recommendations, case studies of unsafe parking scenarios caused by the lack of allocated spaces, requirements of the spaces including dimensions and positioning, as well as age limits and misuse deterrents, and list of key ambassadors willing to support the change.

At the centre of the campaign is an online petition for parents or care-givers to sign.


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