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A Perfect Match but No Fiscal Sponsorship

Mackenzie Andersen
East Boothbay, ME

Aug 9, 2017 — A reason why I would like our company, Andersen Design, to find fiscal sponsorship as a social enterprise is because the economic development ideas which are compatible with my own are coming from the private giving sector.

Compare the short quote below from a Portland Press Herald article about the Libra Foundation with the following section called “Rural Economic Revitalization “ which I wrote in the Andersen Design Business Plan wherein I propose a ceramic slip-casting network in Maine’s rural low income areas. I think the two concepts are on the same page but the Libra Foundation only works with tax exempt organizations, including fiscal sponsorship.

Andersen Design Production was rejected for fiscal sponsorship because the well to do board said that the word “production” means “being in it only for the money”, after which a proposal for the Andersen Design Museum of American Designer Craftsmen was accepted for fiscal sponsorship, although it is based on the history of the same Andersen Design which is deemed to have no other purpose than making money. We can apply as a museum celebrating the past but not for the present and future wonderfully engaging working process of making ceramics, which can provide others with a way to make a living doing something that they love. Both projects are compatible with the mission of the Libra Foundation but only one is fiscally sponsored and the other is a perfect match for the non-profit charitable purpose of MTI, which does not offer fiscal sponsorship services. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign this petition to support the movement to make MTI a fiscal sponsor.

Libra Foundation begins effort to revitalize Monson as hub for artists
Michelson said Libra executives spend a lot of time driving around the state and take notice of depressed areas. Part of the foundation’s mission is to spur economic development where it is needed most
…If an artists colony can take hold, then perhaps other investment will be drawn in and growth will occur organically, he said.

Andersen Design Business Plan:
Rural Economic Revitalization
• Ceramic slip casting production is compatible with existing rural culture and skills.
• Ceramic slip casting adds to the diversity of the Maine job market
• The start-up costs are relatively low.
• Existing state programs offer low interest loans to help finance start-up costs.
• Andersen Design can function as a training center for the skills needed to manage off shoot production studios.
• A contractual arrangement with Andersen Design can provide a steady stream of income for new and established ceramic slip cast productions.
• The arts have the capacity to re gentrify communities.
• A ceramic production combined with a gallery creates destination shopping which attracts other retailers.
• A handcrafted product in which no two are ever exactly alike provides a reason for shoppers to visit a neighborhood store to select the individual item personally as opposed to purchasing on line.
• A network of associated ceramic production studios spread across an expanse of remote areas can become a destination trail connecting communities and creating business opportunities for bed and breakfasts, hotels and restaurants.
• A successful ceramic production network creates a need for a supplier of industrial raw materials which in turn attracts other ceramic studios and crafts makers.

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