Petition for Lady Gaga to release the original LG5 RedOne tracks

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Lady Gaga announced and teased that she was working with RedOne on her new album throughout the entirety of 2015. RedOne revealed they finished a total of 8 tracks together via Snapchat. Disappointingly enough, none were released besides Angel Down, which was completely reworked by Mark Ronson. RedOne also revealed there was a "Grammy-worthy" song called Frankenstein. RedOne claimed the track would make fans go crazy. Lady Gaga sung the unreleased track to fans last year on her tour, confirming its existence. We have been teased for over 3 years.

In addition to RedOne, Lady Gaga also worked with Diane Warren, Elton John, and Giorgio Mordor on the original LG5. A new track was registered on BMI in early 2015 called "Room in my Heart" which featured Elton John. Lady Gaga also collaborated with Giorgio Mordor on a song called Vampire.

Lady Gaga teased that the original LG5 was themed around the art of darkness, black magic, and mystical creatures. She stated her role on American Horror Story impacted her work on the album. The goal of this petition is for Lady Gaga to release the finished RedOne tracks, or at the very least release Frankenstein. All we want is a taste, and simply hearing Frankenstein would be enough for this fan base.