Petition for formal investigation on Dr Tsegaye Regassa Ararsa for hate crimes on Ethiopia

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The modern period sees Australia as the pioneer of tolerance, protector of human rights and a leader in redressing past wrongs. The world was stunned when  the government of Australia opened its borders to destitute refugees from different countries. Immigrant communities form a vibrant part of Australian multicultural society, increasingly becoming the backbone of its robust economy.

Some use the protection of civil rights in Australia and the freedom of expression to incite ethnic hatred in places that are struggling to establish institutions which safeguard human rights. One such individual of very grave concern is Dr. Tsegaye Ararsa, an Ethiopian citizen who moved to Australia as a student to complete his postgraduate course. Instead of returning to Ethiopia, he chose to apply for permanent residency in this country. His application was rejected but is still appealing for the residency. Now he is living in metropolitan Melbourne. Dr. Tsegaye identifies himself as an ethnic Oromo and has made extensive use of social media and YouTube to promote hatred and enmity between the various tribes of Ethiopia. Dr. Tsegaye acts with absolute impunity, under the safe haven of Australia’s civil rights protection. Below are some of the most inflammatory of his videos, characterizing non-Oromos citizens in places like the capital Addis Ababa and Oromia state and the killing of prominent Oromia pop singer Hachalu Hundessa. Dr. Tsegaye has a lot of followers on Facebook and other social media platforms and his overbearing presence in social media is, we believe, one of the contributing factors behind the recent genocide in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

We, the undersigned, implore the Australian government to use the criminal code to investigate Dr. Tsegaye’s action. We, the undersigned, demand a serious investigation into Dr. Tsegaye, holding him accountable to the ethnic violence that has engulfed Ethiopia.

All of Australia’s citizens and residents have an obligation to live under the rule of law. Australia has a robust history of welcoming immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. It is incumbent upon every national who adopts Australia as their country to live under Australian laws and contribute to its national ethos: fraternity, solidarity, equanimity. We ask that Australia not be used as a safe haven for hate preachers like Dr. Tsegaye, an immigrant himself, a beneficiary of Australia immigration policy, who, under the protection of Australian laws, continues to play his part in the ongoing genocide in Ethiopia.

We will update this petition. Thank you all for your support, so far Dr. Tsegaye's facebook page is blocked. Let us stop him using social media platform for his violence character propaganda.

Recent Videos

1) Dr.Tsegaye Ararsa about Ethiopia Oromo Musician Hachalu Hundessa and Jawar Mohammed :- 

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የነፃነትና የዴሞክራሲ ጮራ ሳምንት on 07/07/2020

5) Dr Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni:  "ኢትዮጵያ ሙሉ በሙሉ ፈርሳ እንደገና መሰራት አለባት"


Ethio-Australian Peace and Solidarity Advocacy Group


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 Update 1:- Please click this YouTube Video:

Thank you our sister from Germany, she has a powerful message for all of us.

 Update 2:- የግብፅ ሸፍጥ ሲጋለጥ - ትርጉም በኡስታዝ ጀማል በሽር - Egypt Vs Ethiopia Nile River or  Abay River  or  Blue Nile:

Can any one help pass  this  information to the  Egyptian?

Update 3:-  It looks a jock for this little boy and little girl but the message behind it is a real problem. Parents, Are we teaching our children like this?

Little Girl says "Down Down Abiy Down Down Abiy"

Little Boy says" Down Down Neftegna, Down Down Neftegna"

Good News: Becoming Power House of the Horn of AFRICA

 Update 4: We are married! Join us on social media campaign ::
Let's be a voice for our people who have been done in their own country!!! Let's be a voice for the people who have lost their voice by participating social media campaign!!

ተጋምደናል ! የማህበራዊ ሚዲያ ዘመቻ ይቀላቀሉን:: በገዛ ሃገራቸው ግፍና በደል ለተፈጸመባቸው ወገኖቻችን ድምጽ እንሁን !!! የማህበራዊ ሚዲያ ዘመቻ በመሳተፍ ድምፅ ላጣው ወገንዋ ድምፅ ይሆኑ !!

Posted by Neamin Zeleke on Thursday, July 16, 2020

 Update 5: ቆይታ ከሁለቱ ጀነራሎች ጋር በወቅታዊ ጉዳዮች ዙሪያ

 Update 6: የሕግ የበላይነት እና የፍትሕ አካላት ሚና - በሕግ አምላክ

 Update 7:Kush Media Net work (KMN) Tsegaye Ararsa again

በኦሮሞ ላይ የተከፈቱት የጥላቻ ዘመቻዎች

የኦሮሞ የፖሉቲካ እስረኞች መጨርሻ እና እነሱ ላይ እየተሰሩ ያሉት ውንጀላዎች

Result of hate and crime advocacy

 Update 8: ተነሳ ተራመድ ክንድህን አበርታ ለሀገር ብልፅግና ለወገን መከታ

wake up and walk strengthen your arm
For the country prosperity and people
HA...HU...... Ethiopia first -ኢትዮጵያ ትቅደም

 Update 9: Our Ethiopian brothers and sisters

 Update 10: Shashamane, Ethiopia, following the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa

 Update 11: የሻሸመኔ ትውስታ እውነተኛ ታሪክሻሸመኔ ሩዋንዳ

 Update 12: Bati Post -Tsegaye Ararssa

 Update 13: ዘረኛ ፋሺስቶችን ለፍርድ እናቅርብ

Update 13: ጃዋር በድብቅ ያቋቋመው ልዩ ሀይል የወንጀል ዝርዝሩ ታወቀ

Update 14: የ9ኝ ወር ነፍሰጡር ባለቤቴን ከልጆቼ ፊት የአማራ ልጅ አይወለድም፣ ክርስቲያን አይወለድም ብለው አረዷት::

Update 15: የጀዋር አጀንዳ የኦሮሞ እስላማዊ አገር ማቋቋም ነው የአሜሪካ ሴኔት ምክር ቤት አባል.

Update 16: Session No 1 - Vision Ethiopia Conference 2020 - Full Video - Abbay Media:

Update 17:  ፀጋዬመረጃአወጣ

Kush Media Network from Egyp

Update 18: Genocide Vs Ethnic Cleansing

Genocide: in the Convention, means “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, as such:- 

Killing members of the group;
- Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
- Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its - - physical destruction in whole or in part;
- Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
- Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Therefore, under international law, genocide is a punishable crime. Any person found guilty of carrying out genocide will be tried by a tribunal of the state where the genocide was committed or an international tribunal.

Ethnic Cleansing:-  is the process of removing particular groups from a specific area based on race, nationality, religion and other identifying principles.

While ethnic cleansing doesn’t, by definition, involve the intent to kill a group, the resettlement of said people typically results in the loss of lives; genocide, however, focuses on the “intent to destroy.”

Ethnic cleansing is considered a crime against humanity. It has not been written and signed in any U.N. treaty, which means Member States do not have to protect those who have fallen victim.

Critics of the terms “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” say that many state governments will use the initial phrase — even in incidents that could arguably be classified as genocide — in order to escape the necessity of using state resources and taking action against the perpetrating nation.

****************************** Genocide Vs Ethnic Cleansing  End*****************

Personal Comments from Mr Debebe Yayehyirad on 5th July 2020

3/Genoside and destruction of Shashamene and others
I am around 70 years of age. I have never se en or herd this kind of hatered and demolishion of properties in my life time in my country.
Mob as people say is mindless. When one throws stone to demolish something the other compatriots do the same without questioning why and how. We have also observed brutality in these mobs. Why does one kill or destroy the other or his property? Property is an accumulated wealth of an individulal or family which has been gradually expanding through time. They say Rome Is not Built in one day and property is acquired through time and hard work. When there is property there are means of creating jobs for surrounding prople to allow them earn their daily bread or salary. Property can locally be gained or brought from overseas by individuals or nations or firms. These organisations create value added products to generate revenue. I have lived with several nations and nationalities in the past and never experienced or heard this kind of total destruction based on hatered and demolition.
The diaspora oromo activists have been struggling against the oppression of the Oromos by the ruling elite. The ruling Oromo elite at anytime was part of the ruling regime or the majority of the rulung government members. OLF never learns and drives the same old jargon which has been technically or organically changed. Even the color and chemical behaviour of a stone changes when it is exposed to sunlight and rain for long time. I challenge OLF and its memners to study the current socio economic environment of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and devise road map for short term and long term development of the country. Without this weapon you can never win the heart of Ethiopians. I urge you to revise and modernise your political goals to give solution to the current development of Ethiopia.
This kind of desruction and killing should never occur in our poor and underdeveloped country. What should we do.......

Thank you so much Mr Debebe for your contribution.