A safer intersection at Hobart and Pickering

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My name is Trevor Hathaway. I'm 16, born and raised in Danvers, and will be a Junior at DHS this coming school year. For a long time, I have seen people complain and argue over this intersection; however, no one has ever done anything to incite real change. Just over a year ago, while crossing Hobart on my bike (I was wearing a helmet), from the YMCA towards the Rail Trail, a white mini van, driving on Hobart towards downtown, came within 5 feet of crashing into me at a high speed. I was lucky, the van was able to stop before it was too late and bystanders were there to make sure I was OK. At the time, I was so shocked at what had almost happened I just wanted to go home and forget about it. Now, I want to see change. 11 years ago, in 2006, CJ Mercier was struck by a car crossing at the same intersection without a helmet on and suffered severe brain damage. On the 11th anniversary of his accident, CJ stood at the intersection to remind drivers to slow down. Just today, a driver on their phone coming from the direction of the YMCA, ignored the stop sign and caused an accident; resulting in their car crashing into one of the houses at the intersection. I have heard countless more stories of "close calls" and actual accidents that have occurred there. It's not a stretch to say that the intersection of Hobart and Pickering is dangerous; especially considering this intersection is designated as a School Crossing for Elementary School children. 

This intersection sees lots of pedestrian traffic due to the Rail Trail, YMCA, and Great Oak Elementary School. Many kids and families use this intersection to cross from the Rail Trail to Great Oak and the YMCA. There are numerous things that can be improved about this intersection; however, based on personal experience and stories I have heard, most of the danger comes from cars travelling along Hobart Street towards downtown Danvers. As drivers get closer to the intersection there is a curve with a speed limit of 25 mph. Sadly, many drivers drive above this set speed limit while approaching the intersection and crosswalk. This excessive speed reduces the time drivers have to see and react to pedestrians; meaning an accident is just waiting to happen.

I don't know what the best solution is... A traffic signal? A four way stop? A simple walk light/signal? Improving the visibility of drivers in and approaching the intersection by removing obstructions? Slightly increasing police presence in the area to discourage speeding? I am not sure how much any change will cost or how it will affect traffic in the area. However, I am aware that people want this intersection to change for the better. I am also aware that there are other intersections around town with similar concerns and dangers. As I stated, I don't know what is the best solution. I merely want to bring the safety concerns and the discontent of residents to the attention of people that can enact change. Please remember, sacrificing money or time, or risking the increase of traffic is not worth risking the life of a person, especially a child, who it just trying to cross the street.

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Reason for signing: "My son, [CJ Mercier], suffered a traumatic brain injury at this intersection and as a result my family and CJ suffered great loss. His life will forever be a challenge and he will never be able to experience the many things that most people take for granted. Career, marriage, children and so much more." - Lynne Mercier

Reason for signing: "I am the owner of the house that was hit on Tuesday. I applaud Trevor's effort and concern related to this issue, and I am so sorry to hear of his scare as well as CJ's ordeal. This is an incredibly bad intersection and it needs to be regulated. It is a miracle no one was injured on Tuesday and it saddens me that we will likely need to see a tragedy before this is appropriately addressed. Please consider taking a moment to sign this petition and help keep Danvers safe." - Casey Johnson

Reason for signing: "I have lived at 41 Hobart Street for 53 years and I and my family have seen sooooo many accidents. All 4 corner properties have been hit numerous times . We have seen people speed through the stop sign and we constantly hear cars speeding by our house like they are on the highway..." - Pamela Griffin

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