I, Simon Smith, hereby retract this petition. The Plexidrone Team issued the refund in full, and through Paypal to myself. I am aware of reports through that 6 other customers received refunds in full. I had to press them hard for this refund, VICTORY!

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It is not good to promote a product with a delivery date set to March then change it to April then change it to Septemebr all the while people are buying this product with the advertised delivery dates set at March and April.

Then when we ask for  refund you deny us, try to get a rise out of us and delete our comments selectively as well as your own in an attempt to remove evidence of your fraudulence.

We need a refund. We parted with a lot of money, you gave us nothing and you block our comments on what is supposed to be an open platform.

I started this campaign because Ive been ripped off and denied the right to customer feedback. I have had my IP blocked and been banned, with my comments on indiegogo removed continually. here is just  snippet of evidence:

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