Vehement Petition Against shifting of sacred 700 year old Bharuch Atash Padshah to Mumbai

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Vehement Petition Against shifting of sacred 700 year old Bharuch Atash Padshah to Mumbai

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TMYZ-TZML and The Traditional Zarathustrian Community started this petition to The Parsi/Irani Mazdayasni Zarathushti Community

 TMYZ - Traditional MazdaYasni Zarathushtis, (

Petition Against Shifting the 700 year old Atash Padshah from Doongaji Adarian in Bharuch to new premises at Vashi (New Mumbai)

Petition To: 
Vada Dasturjis,

The Trustee of Doongaji Agiyari at Bharuch,
The Trustees of Bharuch Anjuman,
The Trustees of New Bombay Zoroastrian Association,
Various Courts and Government Officials in Gujarat, Maharashtra and India

24 February 2016

Dear Zarathushti humdins,

A crisis is looming before the Parsi/Irani Zarathushtrian community.

Many devout Zarathushtis are extremely upset that a lone trustee of the Doongaji Agiary in Bharuch, residing at all times in Mumbai, wishes to shift the 700 year old Atash Padshah of Doongaji Agiary to new premises far away at Vashi in New Mumbai.

The Divine Status of an Atash Padshah and The Dangers of Moving an Atash Padshah.

Firstly, a consecrated Atash Padshah is a live conscious Entity in Nature. He is not just some pieces of wood with a lighted flame. Atash Saheb is regarded as Ahura Mazda's Puthrao, meaning Ahura's son. Would you treat the son of the Almighty as a piece of furniture that could be casually moved here and there?  The late Mr. Adi F Doctor explains that an Atash Padshah is created by a complex process of its collection, purification, consecration and finally its coronation. Thus, a newly consecrated Adarian Fire acquires “Khasthra”, meaning Power and Authority from Nature.

According to Zarathushtrian metaphysics, Adar Yazad is the prime Force operating on the ultra-physical plane called Atar-e-Mino-Karko. We tap into this divine source of energy when we consecrate an Atash Padshah for an Agiary. So from the time an Atash Padshah is consecrated, He has a spiritual link with the Fire Energies of the Divine World. After consecration, a Karsh (Kash) is formed in the ash surrounding the Visible Fire.

Once a consecrated Atash is created, He has a right to live and perform His duty in Nature, like any other living entity. The prime duty of a consecrated Fire is to purify its environment in a spiritual manner. All the surrounding evil is destroyed by it. Secondly, a consecrated Fire serves as a connection for Zarathushtrian devotees to Ahura Mazda. You reach out to Ahura Mazda through His son (Puthrao), the Fire. Hence, we read and hear about hundreds of instances where a devotee asks for boons – both spiritual and material – before the Fire and these are granted!

The site and the sanctum sanctorum (inner room) where the Fire resides in an Agiary has spiritual connections around it, which are strengthened as years go by because of repeated boi ceremonies by the priests and the prayers of devout Parsis.  So if we move or relocate a consecrated Fire, these links with the Divine World are severely damaged or even broken.

The Doongaji Agiary Fire is 700 years old and thousands of Atash Nyaishes (specific prayers to the Fire) have been recited in front of Him by the priests and laity.  In this manner the Holy Fire establishes a very strong link with the Celestial World. Moving such a Fire even within the Agiary premises itself to a different room has to be done with utmost care and with accompanying prayers, let alone moving Him from Bharuch to New Mumbai! Not only that, with the consecration of the Atash, the entire Agiary building becomes a consecrated talismanic fortress. Hence, a Divine connection is broken when a consecrated Fire is relocated.

A consecrated Fire also needs to have a constant connection to the earth (Paivand). When we move the Atash Padshah over long distances, that connection is broken.  Lastly, an Atash Padshah cannot be moved over the waters, and should be shielded from the electromagnetic waves that are produced in the electricity transmission and domestic distribution lines, which are present at every corner, mohalla and street today

The late Mr. Adi F. Doctor, a Zarathushtrian scholar, writer and speaker had written that: The "Padshah" that has been dethroned and shifted then loses His "Dahyupati", His Power to communicate with the other ethereal planes, His Power to fight the evil and His Power to bring back the blessings of the Divine Forces. His "body" has been virtually cut off. He loses His separate Spiritual Entity. The visible fire then becomes a. mere 'Kebla'. This fire will now be constantly exposed to the attacks of evil forces working in Nature.

 So from the above religious framework, we realise that there is no real benefit from moving a consecrated Atash Padshah, especially over long distances.

 Why Should the Doongaji Agiary Fire be moved at all.
Bharuch is a holy place, Narmada is a holy river.
The Rainidar, Shah Baheramshah Varzavand Saheb is believed to be born in Bharuch.

What is the real need to shift the Doongaji Agiary Fire and that too to a location which is more than 400 kms in Navi Mumbai?

Dear humdeens, the Narmada river in Bharuch is a holy river, and it is believed that there exists Zarathushtrian holy men there who live in a baten (hidden spiritual plane) there. Moreover, Bharuch is also the place where the Rainidar, Shah Baheramshah Varzavand Saheb, has taken birth in the 1940s and will reveal his divine status to the entire world at the allotted time in Nature. Hence the Bharuch-Narmada sangam is a holy one, and it necessitates that the Doongaji Agiary Atash Padshah be retained where it is, and not moved.


These recent problems can easily be solved and the families of Mr. Percy J Hansotia and Mr.  Kaizad Sethna of Ankleshwar have even openly mentioned that they would be more than happy to support the maintenance of this Agiary, etc.  Mr. Hansotia (contacted by email, phone 982-582-4602) has written to us that “We do not want a single penny from the Doongaji Trust Fund, we do not want our name to be added anywhere, i.e. the Doongaji Adran name will always stay. All we want is to give our services to the Padshah Saheb in form of the Dasturji salary, Kathi, Maintenance etc. This is no ego battle. In fact, we would be glad to contribute in any way for the consecration of a new Atash at the Vashi Agiary for the benefit of the 450 Zarathushtis there.”

Associations and Anjumans all over India have used the community press to highlight their problems and ask for monetary and other types of assistance when the Agiaries they maintain are under danger. Why does the Doongaji Agiary trustee and the Bharuch Anjuman Trustees been so quiet? Why has public involvement and opinion and consensus not been sought in this matter.

Why does the Doongaji Agiary trustee persist in his attempts to shift out the consecrated Atash Padshah despite two failed attempts, one in 1967 and another in 1991, when traditional humdeens had stayed these moves by the orders of Hon'ble District Court at Bharuch?  Is it that they wish to sell the current premises to a third party or to another religious denomination for their place of worship?

Why does the New Bombay Zoroastrian Association want to procure the Bharuch Atash?
It is clear that the trustees of the Vashi Agiary have no religious knowledge of our Holy Consecrated Fires and the damage caused when they are moved, else why would they want to desecrate a 700 year old Atash Padshah by moving Him across hundreds of kilometers over water and under numerous electricity circuits.

With all their funds and assistance from Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor can they not first establish a Dadgah grade fire at Vashi? Then after a few years, when their population increases, they can consecrate an Adarian status fire. That would be an immensely satisfactory solution, far better than putting a 700-year old sacred Living Atash Padshah through the torture described above. Now that they are aware, we earnestly hope that, for the sake of their own souls and spiritual well-being, they listen to well-meaning traditional minded community members.

The Vada Dasturjis have let us down this time.
Most of the time, the Vada Dasturjis have come out with some brilliant statements protecting the ethos of the religion, like they did a few days after the Udvada Utsav of December 2015 in pronouncing both conversion and mixed marriages as anti-Zarathushtrian . However, this time they have let the community down by issuing a statement that they support the shifting of the Holy Fire. We feel that the Dasturjis are under pressure from the heterodox lobby and being of senior age and to avoid controversies, they have half-heartedly agreed to sanction this irreligious move. However, we the vigilant behdins will not let such a transgression take place.


                                           The Petition

1.   We, the devout and religiously knowledgeable members of the Parsi community, register our strong protest electronically and/or by manual signatures against this planned move to shift the 700 year old Atash Padshah of Bharuch’s Doongaji Agiary to New Mumbai.


2.  We strongly believe that such a move would cause great harm to the “Khastra” (Divine Power and Authority) of the Holy Fire and drastically reduce His Divine link with the Celestial world, thus defeating the very reason for having consecrated Him in the first place.


3.  We sincerely appeal to the Trustee of the Doongaji Agiary and the Trustees of the Bharuch Anjuman to jointly work out win-win solutions to the current problems which the Agiary faces, or to solicit public assistance, guidance and help from other philanthropic individuals and trusts.


We also appeal to the Trustee of the Doongaji Agiary and the Bharuch Anjuman Trustees to follow the tenets of the Zarathushtrian religion and not defile the Holy Fire at Bharuch for the sake of financial gains or otherwise.

4.    We sincerely appeal to the Trustees of the New Bombay Zoroastrian Association to seriously reconsider their decision to acquire a Holy Fire for their planned Agiary by moving a pre-consecrated Holy Fire across long distances. Instead, we request  the Trustees to get a new Holy Fire consecrated in the new premise, thereby creating a new entity in Nature to fight the evil forces, rather than going ‘Atash-shopping’ from other established Agiaries in India.

 5.   We sincerely request the Vada Dasturjis to not support such relocations of Atash Padshah Sahebs especially over long distances because such relocations in modern times reduce the Khashtra (Divine Power and Authority) of the Holy Fires.  Moreover, such moves will also start a wrong precedent in the future where erring trustees and boiwallas will take an easy option to casually shift the Padshah in their charge to other venues as soon as they encounter any problems. In short, moving Atashes will become the new norm.

6.   We sincerely appeal to the District Courts and High Courts of all states in India, but especially in Gujarat and Maharashtra, and to the Supreme Court of India to debar any such moves of Divine Atashes of the Zarathushtrian religion.

Please show your support for the petition against such a move.
Dear Zarathushti humdins, please show your loyal support to our religion and the Holy Fires by signing this petition, which will be delivered to the appropriate authorities.

You may do so by electronically signing-up at Change.Org at the following link:

 Do not forget to include appropriate comments supporting the petition but not supporting the re-location of our Holy Fire.

Alternately, on the paper copy provided to you, please fill in your Name, Address, and City and provide a few words in the Comments section as to why you are against this move. Please return the signed copy to the person who has handed it to you in the first place, or send a photo or scanned copy of the signature pages to us at, or at the WhatsApp contact given therein.

Thank you very much.


Sd/- Officials and Board Members of:

TMYZ (Traditional Mazdayasni Zarathushtis)
PIPZ (Parsee Irani Proud Zarathushtis)
TMZA of California
TZML (Traditional Zarathushtrian Mailing List)
Concerned and staunch community members

This letter has been Cc’ed to:

1.Vada Dasturji Sahebs (High Priests):

Vada Dasturji Dr. Kaikhusroo Minocher JamaspAsa

Vada Dasturji Dr. Feroze M. Kotwal

Vada Dasturji Dr. Peshotan Hormuzdyar Mirza

Vada Dasturji Khurshed Kaikobad Dastoor

Vada Dasturji K. N. Dastoor

Vada Dasturji Cyrus N. Dastur

Nayab Dastur Dr. Jamasp K. Dastur

2. The Parsi Press (Jame Jamshed Weekly, etc.)

3. Important Parsi Networks and Associations

4. A large number of Ervad Sahebs (Priests) of our community.



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This petition had 320 supporters

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