Crosswalk on Monaghan Road for Queen Mary Public School

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We, the school community of Queen Mary Public School and the neighbourhood surrounding our school, request that the City of Peterborough install crosswalk with visual and audible signals at the corner of Monaghan Road and Hopkins Avenue to help children and families cross this busy road safely. To further deter speeding and provide safety for our children, we also request the assistance of a crossing guard. 

This intersection is incredibly busy during the morning rush, putting families and children as young as 4 (with even younger siblings) at risk every day. These children and families should be able to travel to school safely and easily on their way to the kindergarten school yard. Our fellow neighbourhood school, Prince of Wales, has two crossing guards and multiple crosswalks. We face similar daily struggles on Monaghan Road and should have the same access to safe crossings at Queen Mary Public School. 

Please sign and share this petition if you agree and would like to join our community in advocating for the safety of our children, families and neighbourhood.