Get the Canadian government to enforce the sexual X designation

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This is a crucial step in allowing people who identify with the X designation marker on their birth certificate and other documentation. On forms, such as "the Ontario legal change of sex designation on a Birth registration", it states that by choosing the "X" designation you "understand that the government of Ontario cannot guarantee that a birth certificate or certified copy of a birth registration with a designation of X will be accepted by organizations in Ontario or by other jurisdictions". By not enforcing this legal right, people who identify with the X designation are open to face discrimination or harassment based on the fact they identify with the X designation and have no legal protection. Or even worse, refusal and ignorance of their identity, which is devastating to a person entirely. This creates further marginalization towards an already marginalized group. Identifying as LGBT+ as well I know of the hardships I face daily. Having spoken with people who would/do identify with the X designation, I see how even more difficult their lives can be. By petitioning this issue, it will allow for people to overcome this trap of being able to identify as "X", but not receiving any protection or enforcement, thus being a target for discrimination.