Get the RCC off our Campus at Adelaide Uni!

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In August the University of Adelaide announced that it had forged a partnership with the Fringe event Royal Croquet Club (RCC) to provide venues on the University campus during the 2019 Fringe Festival. The partnership was announced following no consultation with the Adelaide University Union (AUU) nor students about how this would impact them. (Read the AUU response here). RCC claims this has been a collaborative process of great benefit to students yet the Union nor students were ever consulted while details of the partnership were purposefully kept secret until the end of the semester.

As student advocates and university club leaders, we oppose the RCC on our campus as demonstrated by our many concerns:

  • Exclusive access and booking of Barr Smith, Maths and Goodman Crescent Lawns, Bonython Hall, Little Theatre, Mayo Cafe, the Cloisters, the former Union bookshop, Unibar, Rumours Cafe plus remediation of lawns after Fringe;
  • Student clubs and societies unable to run on-campus welcome events or regular planned events during O-week or weeks 1 and 2 of the semester (at least);
  • O-week 40% smaller than in previous years but costing AUU and Clubs an additional $20,000 to meet strict RCC set-up and pack-down time requirements;
  • Disrupted and limited access to student spaces and services such as Clubs Lounge, Fix Student Lounge, Women’s Room, Rainbow Room, Islamic Prayer Room, Student Care, plus Clubs administration, equipment and lockers throughout Union House;
  • Severe noise and access disruptions for students studying after 5pm, including scheduled classes 5-7pm;
  • Highly limited on-site parking for students and staff, especially from rural areas;
  • Presence of illicit substances on campus used by RCC patrons as in past years;
  • Increased risk of sexual assault to students from increased presence of alcohol, illicit substances where RCC attendees are not held accountable to University policies;
  • High availability of alcohol on campus (including from 11am Fridays) and large crowds of general public moving through campus spaces and facilities including the Hub, the Braggs and Union House;
  • High likelihood of costly damage to campus green spaces and the heritage-listed Bonython Hall used for student graduations in April.


Students, student clubs and the AUU were never consulted and we don't want nor need the RCC on our campus. Our campus is for students' education and student-focussed events.

We are appealing to the University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor Peter Rathjen to take action in the interests of University of Adelaide students and remove the RCC from our campus.

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