Immediately end badger culls due to severe hot weather

Immediately end badger culls due to severe hot weather

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The severe and prolonged hot weather is having a devastating impact on all wildlife in the UK as access to water and food is literally drying up at a time when this year's young need to be growing to survive next winter. 

Multiple reports are coming in to Wildlife NGOs such as the Badger Trust and wildlife rescue centres of severely under weight and undersized badger cubs that should be much bigger by this time of the year.

This will be just the tip of the iceberg and many cubs and older badgers will have died unseen due to the heat and lack of food. Badgers rely on worms and insects for the bulk of their diet but in this weather the ground is so hard the worms retreat deep underground where the soil is still moist.

Badgers are particularly at risk because the government has licenced culling all over the country, even in areas where there is little or no TB. Their numbers face a catastrophic decline if the government's culls are allowed to continue this year. The government's population estimates used for culling are already unacceptably vague and it is likely that the badger population has already decreased significantly due to the hot weather.

Many of this year's cubs and older badgers will not be able to make up the weight in time to survive the coming winter, which means the added depletion in numbers from culling will have a massive impact on the overall population by this time next year. This risks contravening the Bern convention and could cause localised extinctions across wide areas of the country. The government's ecological impact assessments are so poor that they are already the subject of several High Court cases and it is almost certain that they have not factored in the effects of the current drought into an already flawed policy.

Please sign this petition so we can call a halt to the appalling government sponsored slaughter of this iconic and now seriously endangered British wildlife species.