Find an alternative solution to forum re-shuffling

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PLLC Class of 2019: Dr. Stasia's email regarding reorganizing forums for next year came as a bit of a shock to our forum. We feel that it is unfair of PLLC admin to make these large decisions that impact all of us with seemingly little or no consultation of the student body. The announcement seemed abrupt and very hierarchical, which is not what the PLLC sold to me when I enrolled as a student. I feel a little bit mislead also... One of the main reasons I'm interested in staying in the program is getting to tackle the Capstone projects with people who I am comfortable working with. While I would like to get to know the rest of the PLLC class of 2019 through social events and other activities, it seems unfair to take on the large, daunting projects that PLLC is known for with people who's work rhythms, strengths, and weaknesses I am not familiar with. I'm wondering if other forums feel the same way, or differently about this decision? I'd like to ultimately talk to Dr. Stasia in person about this decision, and would like to represent the issue fairly. If you're not comfortable commenting, please do not hesitate to send me a direct message, or by email: