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Thomson: Drop The Dolphins From Your Holiday Packages


Thomson offer many trips to tourists who wish to swim with dolphins.

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent, sentient beings and Thomson's 'swim with dolphin experiences' are promoted as harmless fun for both humans and dolphins, but in fact the very opposite is the case. These experiences are cruel and unnatural.

Each year, hundreds of dolphins are often stolen from the wild in order to supply the demand for such experiences. Many dolphins die during their capture or whilst they are being transported to the marine parks. Those that survive are given frozen fish laced with anti-depressants, and forced to learn tricks to entertain visitors.

In the wild, dolphins are very social creatures who live in large close-knit family groups and can travel up to 100 miles a day. In captivity, they are forced to live in tiny, artificial tanks. The emotional and physical distress that captive dolphins experience as a result of their living conditions can weaken their immune systems and making the susceptible to disease.

By continuing to sell tickets to swim with dolphin experiences, Thomson are complicit in fueling the demand for this cruel industry. This practice is outdated and must stop. We are calling on Thomson to stop promoting and selling trips to swim with dolphins in captivity.

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