Uphold the basic human rights of the Attawapiskat community!

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My daughter, Greta, is 9 years old. When she learned about the challenges faced by the Northern Ontario community of Attawapiskat, she decided to take action.

She wrote a letter to a political representative asking for change, because she believes that the people of Attawapiskat deserve everything that we too often take for granted.

She thinks it’s unacceptable for families, including kids her age, to not have access to basic human rights. She believes every Canadian should have access to clean water, safe schools and adequate housing.

Greta is wondering why she has access to these rights and services, yet our neighbours don’t? She is devastated by this reality and is raising her voice to address these injustices.

Greta met with MP Peter Fragiskatos and as a result he elevated this issue in parliament. Let's make sure our government provides families in Attawapiskat with access to the basic human rights every Canadian deserves.

If you, like Greta, think that all Canadians deserve to have their basic human rights respected, please sign and share her petition today!