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Stop Hillary Clinton coming to Australia

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Over the years the left have screamed out in protest as any individual who had views they didn't like was banned, blocked, shamed or denied access to speak in Australia. Many had done nothing wrong except share opinions or views that they didn't like. Normally, those of us who have remained indifferent have watched in amazement as politically sensitive individuals have been denied entry to Australia. Well, how could you get more sensitive than Hilary Clinton? In fact, some of the accusations waged against her include :  

  • Accused of aiding pedophiles in Haiti.
  • Complicit in STEALING AUSTRALIANS MONEY through the Clinton Foundation.
  • Complicit in using the Clinton Foundation Funds to pay for her daughters wedding. 
  • Complicit in avoiding justice by the FBI after email scandal.
  • Complicit in election rigging through Fusion One.
  • Complicit in Federal Racketeering.
  • Complicit in using the IRS as a vendetta machine.
  • Complicit in aiding Bill Clinton bury allegations of RAPE.
  • Complicit in stealing furniture of the Whitehouse.
  • Complicit in employing radical ISIS sympathisers.
  • Complicit in selling state secrets to China.
  • Complicit in exaggerating "war" experiences.
  • Complicit in a string of "dead people" including Seth Rich.

It goes on and on - for more information view here :

If entry into Australia is determined by good character, exactly what would someone like Hillary Clinton need to do to be denied such entry? After all, if pedophilia, theft and murder don't form the basis to deny entry, what will?

We demand that honourable Peter Dutton refuse Hillary Clinton access to Australia on the basis of failing the good character assessment. 

Help us spread the word. 

... the dingos.

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