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After spending eight years in Australia, Faisal Altaf, and his family have integrated fully into life in Melbourne.

Faisal works as a mechanic, his wife volunteers at a local community centre and two of his three children attend a special school.

Fourteen-year-old Maaz and 16-year-old Saim suffer from a rare condition known as Methylmalonic acidaemia - a metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to process certain proteins and fats.

However, after assessing the family’s application for permanent residency Faisal told SBS Urdu they were told by the Department of Home Affairs that their two sons “do not meet the health requirement” set out in Australian migration law.  It was estimated that the “potential cost to the Australian community” would be $7.3 million if the children were allowed to remain in Australia.

If Saim and Maaz’s applications for permanent residence are rejected, under the Australian migration law the whole family would then have to leave the country.

Faisal, who originally came to Australia as an international student, fears for his sons' treatment and safety if they are not allowed to remain in Australia.

“It’s better to get the death sentence than deport us," he told SBS Urdu.

"There is no treatment for my [my] kids in Pakistan. They would be bullied because of their disability and I fear for their security.”