Hold a public vote for the renaming of Woollahra Oval!

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The Woollahra council have just renamed Woollahra Oval the Andrew Petrie Oval after the former councillor and mayor.

While we do not wish to diminish the service of Mr Petrie (including on the ESDRUFC Foundation), we feel that the renaming of the oval after a former salaried politician by his co-councillors is not the right thing to do in the absence of a public vote. We therefore call for a public vote by the end of the year to determine the renaming (if any) of the field.

Woollahra Oval has been graced by many fine individuals, including former Wallaby greats Tim Gavin, and war heroes “Tarakan” Jack Baxter and Clarrie Wallach. One would think, that if the oval was to be renamed, then there are many options to consider alongside Mr Petrie.