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Removal of Ben Merasty as a PBCN Financial Band Employee

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The Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN) members are requesting the removal of Ben Merasty as an employee of PBCN. 

Mr. Merasty believes that there are "lots of ungrateful people that (he has) to deal with" (verification of this can be produced upon request), insinuating that PBCN members are not grateful for the money that he distributes to band members.  There is a disconnect in his understanding of why he is working for PBCN.  Mr. Merasty feels as though people should be grateful to him, because he signs cheques issued and approved to PBCN members by his employer (chief and council).  This is wrong.  Mr. Merasty is employed in a service industry, where he works for the people, and would not be employed without the people, Mr. Merasty you work for us, the PBCN members!  Mr. Merasty, in his role within the PBCN organization, has held a position for too long, and has created a false sense of entitlement within the organization, and a false sense of his responsibilities and duties.  He is not employed to carry on the task of distributing PBCN dollars, as if it were his money.  Mr. Merasty this is not your personal fund or dollar.

There is a consensus among the PBCN members that he is not the appropriate fit for the job role that he is currently fulfilling.  WE ARE EDUCATED, COMPETENT, KNOWLEDGEABLE AND WITH EXPERIENCE, to remove people from PBCN that are no longer serving our People effectively, respectfully, and WITH DIGNITY. 

Mr. Merasty the People are speaking, this is not your money!  We do not have to be grateful because you sign your name on pieces of paper!  Your false sense of what you do, unfortunately, is the cause for this petition.  You work for us - and because your understanding and disconnect from this reality is obscured - we are requesting that PBCN Chief and Council (1) remove Ben Merasty as a PBCN employee, (2) publicly post a job advertisement to the community to fulfill the vacant position, and (3) employee a PBCN member who is qualified and can effectively carry out this role.

If you are in support of this request, please sign your name (this petition will be presented to the PBCN Chief and Council).  If you have information that you would like to be presented as supporting documentation with your name, please send that information to 

It's time to start making changes PBCN.  Let's start here - together we can remove the negative connotation that goes with being a member of PBCN!  One small change, can empower us to make PBCN something that our ancestors envisioned!  One small step for a greater good!  We are due for success, we are ready for change - let's work together - - change is here, it’s time!  

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