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Conald Petersen aka Fed Smoker aka numerous other names, is a fugitive from justice in Adams County Nebraska.  He also uses Youtube to harrass, humiliate, and destroy American lives.  He causes people to live in fear and has involved innocent women and children in his "agenda".

Conald Petersen has a criminal history and is potentially violent.  He has previous disorderly conduct and assault charges in numerous states, and who knows what else he has done that we don't know about.

Conald Petersen should be extradited to the state of Nebraska to face the warrant for his arrest in Adams County.  He has ruined numerous communities all across the country and is an enemy of the United States, in that he uses edited videos to give every day Americans, and police officers a bad reputation.  He uses slander and intimidation to achieve his goal of creating hate, fear, and constant discomfort.  Above all, he has targeted INNOCENT CHILDREN and is a FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE.  The last two points cannot be stressed enough.

PROFANITY WARNING - It seems impossible to find a video of him without profanity, but the point must be made that he is up to NO GOOD.

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