Stop Pet Stores From Placing Rats in Unsafe Tanks

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Rats have  weak respiratory systems and when kept in tanks rather than cages, the ammonia in their urine makes it hard for them to breath. This causes them to get a URI (upper respiratory Infection) and in many cases die. 

Stores often think that if they change the bedding frequently it fixes the problem. However, the more you change the bedding the more the feel they need to mark their territory. So, they then pee even more causing the issue to still exist.

Unless a rat is about to give birth, or is still a new born they should not be left in tanks. While I understand that they put them in cages so that people don't stick their fingers in the cage and get bitten, they could put them in a cage with a bigger cage around in, creating to much of a gap for people to reach through. If they cannot provide safe housing for an animal in their care they should not sell them.

I myself have bought a pet rat from a pet store that within days went into full respiratory destress and died due to being kept in a tank while he was at the store. This rat was very sweet and social, I grew very attached to him within the few days he was with me, and I spent plenty of money at the vet fighting for him. He grew weaker and weaker until he died. On top of that, despite me keeping him in a separate room from my healthy rat, Scribbles, he managed to give his URI to Scribbles before dying. The vet explained to me that the germs stuck to my clothing, so even though I kept them in separate rooms and washed my hands, it still spread to my healthy rat.

I know I am not the only one who has experienced something like this and I don't want it to happen to anyone else or their rats.  I can't stand seeing them in tanks anymore, and I think it's time to do something about it.

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