Petco - Please protect the mice and rats TOO in and out of your stores.

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I am issuing this petition to ask Petco to ban the sale of animals who are callously referred to at certain times as "live feeders" such as some mice and rats who are being sold at Petco. I know many adopt them as pets, I believe all should be adopted out as pets only to ensure compassion for these precious beings, as they are in fact pets. They should all leave the store as pets, to be protected with utmost love and protection, they are sentient beings, worthy of love, proper care and compassion at all times. I'm advocating for compassion, proper care and concern for all animals, at ALL times, without exception TO INCLUDE ALL mice and rats. I am simply asking that you include all of them at all times, in and out of your stores in your circle of compassion. Proper care and concern, for these pets is described on your website.   All animals have a right to being treated in a compassionate manner while at the store and upon exiting the store, and for the rest of their natural lives. There is an opportunity here for Petco to step up, along with the Petco Foundation to ensure protection for these animals, and to adopt a compassionate stance to include mice and rats, as they are not an exception to the realm of compassion, they should very much be included in that, as just because they are small, does not make them insignificant, they are intelligent, sweet, curious beings leaning to us to do right by them, and that means proper care, concern on a platform of compassion for ALL sentient beings, they are in fact sentient of course. I am advocating for a platform of comprehensive compassion for all sentient beings in and out of your store.


I was at Petco the other day, and a man was purchasing mice. I had a feeling they weren't as pets. And the truth came out, he indicated at the cashier's station that he was not adopting these sweet beings (mice) as a pets, and the cashier and other employee said nothing they could do to stop it, and they too wish Petco would ban this, effective immediately. That is immensely cruel to subject them to "live feedings." They are in fact pets. Also to ensure safe, loving homes for every sentient being (every rodent family animal, every animal is in fact and of course, SENTIENT) you must screen to ensure their safety. ALL animals deserve love and protection. They aware intelligent affectionate beings, as you KNOW on your site referring to them as being affectionate and smart.


First step adopt a cruelty free policy as Pet Smart has, where they do not do this, they will not sale a mouse or rat UNLESS they believe that they are going to a good home, they do not knowingly sell any mouse etc in this manner. Yet a compassionate stance to ensure their safety, care, love and proper protection and right to be free from harm must go one step further: adopt a screening process to protect ALL of the animals and implement a right to refuse the sale of an animal if there is a belief that the animal is not going to a home where he or she will be loved and care for and the right to refuse relinquishing the animal if the person working at the store does not believe they are going to a good home to be treated as they are, a pet deserving of love and compassion.


These animals are AWARE, compassionate, intelligent, loving, sentient curious beings and as these beings peered out the side of the box, on the way out the door with someone who planned to NOT care for them properly, my heart broke in a million pieces and others around me shared the same sentiment, it is wrong to sell them as anything than what they are, PETS, loving, affectionate beings who deserve love and protection, and a RIGHT to be safe from harm. PETCO please ban the sale of any animal as "live feeders" and stop allowing this at any time, protect the safety of the mice and rats TOO. The staff knew that this man was planning feeding mice who are living beings, who have feelings, they are SENTIENT beings, all know that, all animals have feelings and capacity to perceive, EVERY animal deserves to be free from harm, and to be surrounded by love, proper care and compassion. To care for them while at your store and then knowingly allowing them to be put into the hands where they are subjected to pain and suffering, that is far from okay. It is in fact immensely cruel. They are NOT a product as every animal in your store is a living being, worthy of love, compassion, respect and for a company not to knowingly put them in the hands of someone who puts them in a cage with a predator to be eaten alive, that is atrocious and heartbreaking. Treat others as you wish to be treated, yes even a tiny mouse. NO ONE deserves that. So please evolve to a platform of compassion.


EVERY animal in the store IS not a product (toys, leashes, dog beds etc those as inanimate objects without feelings, are products), animals are in fact sentient beings where homes should be properly screened. Knowingly selling them as "live feeders" is in fact participating in cruelty to innocent beings. Please start protecting them and surrounding them with love and compassion at all times, they deserve love and compassion too, every sentient being does. They deserve to be protected from harm and from suffering AT ALL TIMES.  Care and protection for these curious, affectionate animals must be honored at all times. They are as rats are too and all animals, sentient beings worthy of proper care, compassion and concern and to be free from being treated in a cruel manner. Knowingly selling mice as "live feeders" violates the proper love care and compassion which all sentient beings deserve.


Sentience is defined as the ability to feel, perceive and experience, all living sentient beings have an ability to perceive and feel things. Mice and rats, all animals (on land, water, air, all of them) quite frankly  are worthy of love, compassion and protection. Mice and rats do not deserve to be subjected to the  cruelty which results when selling these animals as what is referred to as feeder animals, when there is obvious pain,suffering and cruelty for the animals when doing so. They should be only leave the store as pets as they are pets.


Have you ever watched mice play? Take naps? Cuddle with one another for warmth and comfort? Use their little hands to nibble on fruit.  I have. People adopt them as pets because they are playful, loving and affectionate and deserve our love, compassion and protection, and care, proper concern and to keep them FREE FROM HARM. The fact is that they are all pets. They have the capacity to feel comfort, joy and to also feel scared. They have the full capacity to feel and perceive. They are diminutive beings who are curious and alert.  Being diminutive does not make them any less significant, or worthy of love and proper concern, of course. Petco can do  better job at ensuring their protection simply by only adopting them out as pets, as proper care and compassion towards them at all times and develop a compassion at all times platform.

As a major retailer of pet products to be able to purchase things such as food, toys, comfortable bedding, to provide for an animals good health and comfort, this love should and (does extend to all animals with true compassion) every sentient being, including all mice and rats deserve love, compassion and protection from harm with NO EXCEPTION. I have watched them playing, cuddling, running on their wheels on which they play, and they have a curious, sweet nature. They deserve our protection and love.


To think that they are feeling safe, fed properly, cuddled up with  each other one day, and then if they don't cross paths with a kind person adopting them as pets, they are at times taken out of a safe environment to end up frightened, terrorized to be used as what is callously referred to as a live feeder. Petco you CAN protect them effective immediately and choose to demand compassion for them and all animals, by banning the sale of these sentient beings unless it is fact that they are going to a home who will protect them from cruelty and surround them with the proper care, love and compassion that they deserve.  To sell any mouse, rodent family as a live feeder is in fact animal cruelty and it must stop. By selling mice for example that you knowingly sale as "live feeders" you are handing them over  in these cases knowing that they will not be loved,cared for and protected, you are in fact handing them over knowing they won't safe or free from cruelty, that is lacking responsibility for compassion at all times, and is quite frankly and cruel to the innocent beings looking to humans to protect them and stand on a strong platform of kindness and compassion for sentient beings.

As a society it is time to evolve for a compassionate stance for all sentient beings. It is their RIGHT as a sentient being to be protected and cared for with love and compassion, that is human decency, that is what should be expected and it is expected. 

Every sentient being especially every one of  those looking to us for proper, care compassion, comfort and love deserve protection from harm. As human beings, our compassion for other beings should not be based on exceptions, compassion should be extended to all living beings and to shield them from cruelty,protect love nurture, and choose compassion for all living beings. As Albert Schweitzer once said "humanity will not find peace until our compassion extends to all living beings".

A former Petco employee in a letter on Peta's site named Alicia Woemper ( indicated how heartbreaking it was working for Petco to see these innocent beings taken from the cage, and placed into a box to end up being terrorized knowing that they are going to be fed to their predator, when being sold as a "live feeder". Quite frankly it is fundamentally wrong to do so and heartbreaking. I am paraphrasing her precise words are in the article linked above.

I'm a long time animal advocate who loves every animal without exception as they all deserve compassion and protection from cruelty. Selling any mice etc as a "live feeder" is terribly heartbreaking as this is not kind to them by selling them in this manner, when it is known that these innocent curious beings when sold to someone to be feed to their snake etc.  That goes against the evolution of society, that goes against kindness, and lacks compassion to a great degree. I know Petco can do better and develop a policy of COMPASSION for ALL SENTIENT beings AT ALL TIMES policy.

The thing is a dog's leash is a product, a cat's toy is a product, a sweater for a dog or a mouse (I've seen those) are products, a living breathing feeling, curious, playful, sweet mouse or a rat, they are sentient beings as you know, capable of perceiving, feeling, they are NOT products and should not be sold as such. They are living, breathing sentient beings who need air, food, water, love and they deserve to be free from harm. They do NOT deserve to be terrorized and should not be sold as or referred to as "live feeders" EVER that is immensely cruel. As a company that provides actual products for pets, PLEASE SHOW COMPASSION FOR ALL ANIMALS WITHOUT EXCEPTION meaning please include all mice and rats in your circle of compassion and adopt a cruelty free policy as Pet Smart has and ban the use of animals as live feeders sold at your stores. And take it a step further ensure that any animal is going to a caring and compassionate home, it is responsible and kind, decent to do so. If selling animals all are sentient there should be a home screening process regardless after you adopt the ban on selling mice as "live feeders" they aren't "live feeders," MICE AND RATS ARE PETS, children know who adopt them as their pets, and adults too who have kept love in their heart for all sentient beings at all times. They can and do feel, perceive, they are affectionate, playful curious and sweet, to knowingly subject them to cruel and inhumane treatment is wrong on so many levels.

EVERY sentient being matters, please start acknowledging the right that every animal has for love, compassion and protection. Again, a leash is a product, a toy is a product, a mouse or rat is a sentient being with the ability to love,  WHO is worthy of love and proper care, who does have a capacity for love and does. Human beings running one of the largest stores with products for pets and a foundation who does do a lot of good to help many animals, I hope you find the capacity for love for all sentient beings, every sentient being in your store to include MICE AND RATS AT ALL TIMES. They are NOT products, they are in fact pets. They are sentient intelligent, compassionate, diminutive precious life forces who need proper food water, care and have a RIGHT to be free from harm and cruelty.

This petition was brought forth as I know how sweet these little beings are. They are quite frankly adorable. They are curious and affectionate, this is why there are many compassionate people who buy them as pets and KNOW they are pets. They are meticulous groomers. They are intelligent. They deserve love and compassion and protection from cruelty. They trust people will do right by them, and right is love for all beings, no exceptions. They like to play, mice and rats are affectionate and play, they are innocents.

Please do right Petco ban the sale of any "live feeders" at your stores , and only adopt every being out as a pet, to be loved and cared for, for the rest of their natural lives, and please take an invested interest that ALL animals leaving your store are going to others who will provide for their love, protection compassion and that they are free from harm. Why not develop a program perhaps working with educators, verifiable schools who educate young children about compassion, empathy, love, compassion, proper care and compassion for all living beings, no matter how great they are considered in size or diminutive in stature. Perhaps schools/families with children could adopt your mice with proper health screenings for all pets by Petco or an outside veterinarian,  to ensure that all are safe, for example as classroom pets, to care for, love and protect them from harm. This is teaching what's right (always do proper health screenings, provide proper medical for all of your animals), protection could then be ensured, adopting to schools who adopt them and love them as classroom pets. It is a suggestion, but the solution I am articulating here is to simply make sure mice and rats too leaving your stores are going to good homes where there is proper care and concern, love and protection, and to be free from harm.


Developing a model based on the implementation of a comprehensive compassionate platform for ALL animals at all times is setting the right example. Every sentient being is worthy of love and protection and to be protected from  harm. As children many know that love for all beings that matter, and that is care and compassion for all sentient beings is something that no one should lose as an adult. Maybe having a pet adoption program for kids would work well (well planned out, with health screenings etc, teaching proper care) teaching by example empathy that all sentient beings matter.  Please PETCO STEP UP TO LOVE AND COMPASSION FOR EVERY SENTIENT BEING. Protect these innocent animals from cruelty. There is an opportunity for you here to step up and do right by every animal at your stores, evoke positive NEEDED change to ensure their safety of all animals, teach love and empathy by example and to create an environment of compassion for all sentient beings, starting to include ALL, and EVERY mouse and rat in a platform of utmost compassion to include them TOO, every single living being in your store, every life as inherent value and matters, they are all worthy of love, proper care and utmost compassion.  They want and need love compassion and protection to be free from harm, every sentient, feeling aware living being does and they are no exception...That is their right.


 Petsmart has instilled a policy to only adopt mice and rats too as pets, to do a better job at protecting them upon leaving the store too. Additional steps should be taken as well to ensure their well being, as there are cruelty-free alternatives for those with snakes, not harming another sentient being. PetMD in an article what do snakes eat, is not on board with feeding "live animals." Please find a way to ensure compassion for all mice and rats AT ALL TIMES and a comprehensive compassionate stance for all sentient beings.

The thing is a week ago, standing at Petco, seeing a little precious being who needs our protection, stare innocently and curiously out of the side of the boxes with holes in the side of the box; the mouse staying true to their inquisitive, intelligent, sweet nature, my heart began to pound as if it was going to jump out of my chest. That happened one other time, when I attended an auction of animals to try to SAVE a life. That was the other time my heart beat strongly feeling a need to help and not being able to at that moment in time as much as I wanted to do so. In the past week, I have thought often about the innocent mouse/mice as I know there were more than one in that box. I am issuing this petition  to advocate that Petco chooses at all times to protect ALL of the mice and rats in their care too, providing proper care love and compassion for these innocent beings. This petition advocates for a more compassionate world, where those in the position to protect innocent beings will hopefully make the choice to do so. This petition is to advocate for a completely compassionate platform to be implemented by Petco, I hope you choose to include mice and rats in a platform based on comprehensive compassion and a right to be free from harm for all sentient beings. Everyone who signs this petition, and Petco, please stand with me and many others who believe in a world based on compassion for all sentient beings, and a right to be free from harm, there are no exceptions.



All sentient beings deserve the virtue of compassion to be extended to them: virtue of compassion? The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creatures that cannot.  ~Mark Twain, What Is Man, 1906.


Thomas Regan on his moral presence of inherent value and I do go beyond this a bit. In Regan’s view, The crucial attribute that all humans have in common, he argues, is not rationality, but the fact that each of us has a life that matters to us; in other words, what happens to us matters to us, regardless of whether it matters to anyone else. In Regan's terminology, we each experience being the "subject-of-a-life." If this is the true basis for ascribing inherent value to individuals, to be consistent we must ascribe inherent value, and hence moral rights, to all subjects-of-a-life, whether human or non-human. The basic right that all who possess inherent value have, he argues, is the right never to be treated merely as a means to the ends of others.


“The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity.  Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.” ~Schopenhaue.


Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by What is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him?  ~Pierre Troubetzkoy


We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals.  Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them.  It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.  ~Albert Schweitzer, The Philosophy of Civilization

PETCO adopt a cruelty-free policy for every animal and screen homes for animals to prevent harm or suffering to anyone, all animals are someone, they deserve love and protection and to be free from harm. Again, every sentient being deserves love and compassion, EVERY animal is no exception and mice are not an exception either of course, the point of this petition, no sentient being is an exception, as they ALL deserve love and compassion, and protection to be free from harm.


Please everyone sign this petition. And PETCO please implement a comprehensive cruelty free model to ensure the protection of all animals in and out of your store.


thank you for your time, it is just time to widen the circle of compassion to include all sentient beings, as these little ones, diminutive and sweet, curious and intelligent deserve our protection, love and proper care and a right to be free from harm too. Please Petco too consider the implementation of a comprehensive platform of compassion to include them (mice and rats too) in your circle of compassion, doing your very best to provide for their safety too, and proper care and kindness for the rest of their natural lives, after they leave your store TOO.


In the words of Albert Einstein who also believed in the welfare and protection of ALL animals, and that every sentient being matters and deserves love and protection and to be free from harm:

A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.