Petco Foundation Stop Promoting The Sale of Live Animals as Christmas Gifts

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Petco Foundation Executive Director Susanne Kogut , please honor Petco's 2015 promise to the Animal Rescue Community and remove the 2016 Guinea Pig video promoting live animals as Christmas Gifts. 

The mother in this Petco Holiday ad nonchalantly ask if the father placed the guinea pig in a box being violently shaken by the son, this is sending a very bad message to the public and is not humorous.

Please Stop encouraging parents to purchase small animals as Holiday Gifts. Small animals that are given as gifts are often
neglected, or abandoned where they are killed or mistreated. Small animal shelters are currently full of domestic rabbits and guinea pigs as a result of being unwanted.

This ad is currently being aired on the Hallmark Channel, Up TV and various sites on the Internet.  

Please see the Letter below for Petco Foundation contacts.  
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