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End the sale of captive, caged, pet birds

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In an effort to support  Born Free and The Avian Welfare Coalition in their campaign to end the sale of caged, captive birds by retailors such as Petco and PetSmart, I have started this petition.

The two basic principles behind this campaign are 

 1.  Populations of many bird species worldwide are declining.  This is in part due to loss of habitat and in part due to the continued trade in wild birds.  An estimated 60% or greater mortality rate is seen in the capture and illegal smuggling of these birds. While we have enacted laws to protect   native birds from commercial exploitation, we fail to recognize the inconsistency in allowing the U.S. pet industry to continue to market the wild birds of other countries as "cage birds"

2. Whether captive  breed or wild caught,  keeping a bird captive in a cage is nothing short of animal cruelty.  Birds are by physical design meant to fly.  It is the nature of birds to fly.  To keep an animal such as this confined , preventing it from fulfilling this most basic instinctive behavior, is simply cruel.  "Pet" birds are not domesticated animals.  The urge to flock and to fly remains intact.  Captive birds are also unable to fulfill most  other instinctive behaviors - nest building, mating, dust bathing, foraging, etc.

In the past couple of years, India has even debated legislation that would make it illegal to keep a caged bird, arguing that it is the nature of a bird to fly and as such they have a right to fly. 

Suggestions have been made to Petco and PetSmart to consider  replacing  the sale of  birds (and related products) with expanded sales of bird watching and/or bird feeding items.  Much less cruel and is an activity that could be promoted as something the entire family could do together. 

You can show your respect and love for birds by enjoying them in their natural habitats. 

 Please consider signing this petition.  You can easily find additional information r/t captive birds by visiting Born Free, the Animal Protection Institute or Avian Welfare Institute websites. 

In addition to signing this petition, you can also call PetSmart at 1-800-738-1385 X2518 and Petco at 1-800-571-2952 and encourage them to end the sale of caged birds. 


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