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Regulation over breeding and treatment of Dogs

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Dogs have been a single point of consistency in human evolution since ages.. Since the time humans domesticated this intelligent and loyal animal, they have contributed in various aspects of our lives.. We moved from caves to cities, but they have always been on our sides.. Loyally.. With just one expectation.. That we keep them close to our hearts..

And yet there are people who treat them as trophies and status symbol.. Adoption rates for dogs in our country is something which everyone is aware of.. But the issue that is asking your attention and help is the commercial breeding of dogs. Many illegal breeders are a part of this community.. These dogs are bred in situations and environment that is not suitable for them.. Many times the puppies are seperated from their mother before they are even 30 days old.. Then there are breeds that are not suitable for the weather condition in the sub continent, but are still bought and bred.. The result of which is irreversable health damage which these dogs have to carry to their graves. (for ex. Affenpinscher, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels Griffon, Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Cane Corso, Sharpei, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)..
We need some serious laws in order to save them..

Here are a few suggestions :-
1. Stricter rules regarding license for dog breeders. A criteria should be added with regards of having proper facilities for the new born puppies. (Medical care, little area to play around)

2. Registration of the pet should be made compulsory. Dog owners should be discouraged from breeding their dogs themselves.

3. The benefits of neutering should be spread a bit more. It will help in regulating the already out of control population of these dogs.

4. A complete ban on breeds that are not suitable for indian conditions. (Brachycephalic dog breeds- Any dog that has a smooshed up face, they heat up easily and have poorly built nasal passages.)

5. No puppies should be sold before the age of 90 days. It is a vital period for there growth which is needed for a disease free, long and healthy life. 

6. Vigilance over the general health of the pets. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act should be practiced with a little more firmness. 

These angels have been in our lives for several years now and we contribute majorly to their lives.. Let us return a little affection to those, who have always been there for us, with no expectations at all...

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