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Justice! Aren't animals living beings?

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When a man kills a man we join hands to seek justice, when we encounter honor killing we join hands to seek justice, against all odds we join hands and come together on a hunger strike to seek justice. Why can't we do it for those who cannot express how they feel like we do? Why can't we come forward as a nation to fight against those who don't consider anything other than themselves alive? 

Have we not seen enough cruelty against animals, - dogs, cats, birds, cows, pigs - are they not living creatures? Is it okay to burn them alive or throw them from rooftops?

Our law is out dated, the Animal Cruelty Prevention Act (1960) is out dated, we need to make amends in it, a fine of Rs. 50/- is bogus, we need a strict law, we need strict punishments against these things (I don't want to consider them humans). 

I request you all to sign this petition so that It could be noticed by organizations like PETA India. FIAPO, PAWS India and the Government (State and Center alike). It is about time we come together and rise against such offending, brutal, inhuman acts of violence against our language less companions. 

Please, sign this petition and support my cause.

I hope you understand,

Thank You

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