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Help Stop Pet Valu's Betta Fish Abuse

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Pet Valu Canada Inc. allows Betta fish to be held in inhumane conditions, which often result in painful diseases or permanent impairment. Almost all Betta fish in Pet Valu stores are kept in small containers that hold roughly two cups of water. It is a misconception that Betta fish can survive and thrive in these environments more than other fish species, or that Bettas live in a similar environment in the wild. These small spaces are a detriment to their health and overall well being for a number of reasons:

1. In a small, confined space, water cannot cycle and build up enough beneficial bacteria, which is needed to keep the water free of harmful toxins like ammonia and nitrite. When water is adequately cycled and contains healthy amounts of beneficial bacteria, small amounts of nitrates are fine; however, when a Betta breathes out ammonia and nitrite in a confined space, the ammonia and nitrite rapidly builds up in the water and becomes toxic to the fish. Frequently changing the Betta's water will not help with this problem if the tank does not have enough water. When there is a detectable amount of ammonia or nitrite in the water, the effects can be deadly: ammonia burns, cellular damage, deadly infectious diseases, fin rot, and parasites are some of the ill effects of toxic water. Negative health effects pose a danger to all fish in the space, as these diseases are often very infectious and hard to cure and control.

2. If there is not enough room for the Betta to swim and feel comfortable, they will become stressed. Stress can seriously harm the fish by making them susceptible to infectious diseases, like those previously mentioned. Living in a small space with no place to hide is a contributing cause to the stress of the fish, and the effect of the medication is reduced or rendered ineffective. The Betta's ability to jump allows them to remove themselves from an undesirable environment: when placed in a cup or small holding tank, a Betta will sometimes jump out and suffocate to death. Although certain Betta fish are fine with being kept in limited environments, they generally require a minimum of two gallons of water -- much more than most Betta holding containers in Pet Valu stores.

3. Betta fish have feelings too! Multiple studies provide evidence of fish being capable of experiencing depression, anxiety, agitation, contentment, and loneliness. The unhealthy living environments of inadequately contained fish can be as emotionally stressful as it is physically stressful to them. The way Pet Valu Canada Inc. allows their fish to live is detrimental to the fishes' overall well-being.

All animals deserve respect and proper care. If Pet Valu stores cannot properly take care of the fish in their care, they should not be allowed to keep and sell them. Please sign this petition to show Pet Valu Canada Inc. that you would like to see them improve the living environments of Betta fish.







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