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Pet Supplies Plus return Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue donation baskets with a $25K donation

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We are asking Pet Supplies Plus to return the Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue donation baskets back to the stores and donate $25,000 to the Rescue for the care of the kitties due to their poor judgment of removing the donation baskets.  

Pet Supplies Plus has removed the donation baskets for the Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue for the second time.  Recently in the state of Ohio, many sanctuaries and rescues have been under attack, raided and animals confiscated.  In Ohio, the local humane societies were managed by the counties and so the Humane Officer was also managed by the county. A Ohio attorney has partnered with the Humane's, SPCA's and APL's to convince counties to relinquish control to the Humane's, SPCA's and APL's and then they do illegal raids on sanctuaries and rescues and the attorney has positioned himself as the Special Prosecutor to go after the sanctuaries and rescues calling them hoarders on behalf of the Humane's, SPCA's and APL's. If they call them hoarders, then they get grants and large donations. Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue unlike others attacked, decided to fight this injustice instead of paying the extortion money requested by the Lake Humane Society.

To see the full story along with pictures showing the abuse by the Lake Humane Society, please go to the Go Fund Me for  “Justice for Pete and Friends” which will show you the outright abuse the Lake Humane Society has subjected the cats to and who are supported by the local Pet Supplies Plus stores and their managers.


The sanctuary has never been shut down throughout this whole attack, and is still home to 105 cats that continue to live in the roam free cat sanctuary.   Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue relies on the food and supplies that are put in those baskets at Pet Supplies Plus.  They go weekly to pick up whatever is in the basket, because even the smallest can is needed and appreciated.  By Pet Supplies Plus removing these food baskets from their stores, they have showed lack of support for Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue and the 105 cats still living in their care.  The first time the baskets were removed, the Pet Supplies Plus stores gave the Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue donated food away to others like the Lake Humane Society.

Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue is not like the Lake Humane Society who receives on average over $900,000 a year in revenue, has more than $1.2 million in assets and pays out over $460,000 in salaries.

We have been told that The Lake Humane Society does not even use the food in the baskets to feed the animals in their care, so don’t bother to come weekly as seen by the overflowing basket in the above picture.  The never ending bashing by the Lake Humane Society in the local News Herald paper which is a huge supporter of the Lake Humane Society has injured Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue with local donations and they rely on the food donated to them in those baskets. We think that the Lake Humane Society requested the local stores to remove the Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue donation baskets, because they were removed the day of the initial raid by Lake Humane Society before the local media had published the first article notifying the public.  Since than, the Lake Humane Society has used every means possible to prevent Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue from receiving donations and contributions. 

The staff of Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue recently contacted the District Manager Jason Springer of Pet Supplies Plus asking him to please put the donation baskets back. He said because the rescue was sued the baskets could not remain.  They explained that if their baskets can not stay because of the lawsuit, than the Lake Humane Society should not be permitted to have baskets either,  because after the appeal of the current case by Carolines’s Kids Pet Rescue there is a pending Federal Case for Extortion and Racketeering filed against the Lake Humane Society.  There is also another lawsuit filed by a private citizen against the Lake Humane Society that has also been in the local paper.

If Pet Supplies Plus does not right their wrong, we are also asking supporters to no longer shop at any Pet Supplies Plus store.  If you have coupons either mailed or emailed to you, Pet Smart is more than happy to accept any and all Pet Supplies Plus coupons including the $5, $7 and $10 off. 

Please go to the Go Fund Me and read Justice for Pete and Friends to learn the whole story.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated to assist the appeals case and the Federal RICO case for Extortion and racketeering against the Lake Humane Society. Because the Humane's, SPCA's and APL's hire the humane Officer, no one can stop the Lake Humane Society or prevent them from continuing to abuse the animals they are confiscating.




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