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5 Simple Methods in Making an Excellent Bookmark

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If you are a bookworm and if you want to have a perfect page server in every book you read, I bet that you need to know the simple ways on how to make an excellent bookmark. It is now time for you not to worry of losing in the track because you can actually make dozens of bookmarks. Here are the things that you need to remember.

1. Choose a suitable paper for your bookmark. Printing VIP can provide a card stock-like paper to support it. You can create multiple different images that could be posted on each of the bookmarks.

2. Cut the Paper. The traditional size for bookmarks measure 2-3 inches wide. But, of course, the discretion is still within you. You can actually cut it in different sizes in accordance with your preference, either it is small or big.

3. You can place additional details if the images are not enough to make it look good. You can add some words, phrases, or quotes, or all. It could motivate you to do more readings. It is also possible to your personal picture.

4. You should also make sure that the materials you are using are safe. Remember, you are a bookworm. You may always use the bookmarks that you will be making. A good publisher provides items that could not be tainted easily. It means that you do not need to cover your bookmarks with packing tapes or plastic covers. You also do not need to craft epoxy-like liquid gel to paint onto both sides of the bookmark because after it is printed it is already dry.

5. You need to have a puncher that could create a hole at the top of your bookmark. You can also put any kind of ribbon, preferably 6-8 inches long. The ribbon could make your bookmark look wonderful. You can also add some beads at the end of the ribbon as it could give a little glam. The beads should be knotted at the end sides of the ribbon. But, you can tighten it by using a match or a light to burn both ends.

But, if you want to have a little business, while enjoying your hobby of making amazing bookmarks, you can make club flyers to promote them. Remember, you should make it as a means to be profitable and productive.


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