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Have the lead dev and community manager of Neverwinter replaced.

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The developers of Neverwinter have continually ignored their player base. They are treating us like cash cows trying to drain every single penny out of us and giving nothing in return. 

Let's list the mistakes they've made:-

•They are nerfing our bonding stones (after 1000s of us spent real money getting them)

•They are trying to force us to run "random" ques and taking away the daily AD from none random ques so new players literally can not earn any AD

•They are yet to fix any of the class balancing issues leaving 1000s of us playing second class toons

•They are nerfing our guild boons. These took a long time to unlock and a lot of money/time from a lot of different people. They have no right to touch a single blade of grass in our strongholds.

•They gate content behind campaign barriers FORCING us to run monotonous tasks for weeks sometimes months at a time if we want to access the new content.

•They continually nerf our toons (TR is now unplayable as a dps, the paladins bubble is totally useless now, the GF can't survive a love tap, the SW has lost a majority of their team buffs) while making others impossible to beat. (GWF) 

•They have removed a majority of the old dungeons from the game. (MOD 6 FIASCO)

•They have not fixed a majority of the in game issues that are broken. (Tool tips being completely wrong, Not being able to set the GH as a target, not being able to change loadouts at certain bonfires, not being able to easily get quests from areas we've out grown) There are a million other bugs they have never even attempted to fix.

•FORCING us to use our keys bought with our own money for rewards not worth the pixels they are represented by (keygate)

•Give us a percent chance at something happening  (upgrading enchants, masterwork, opening skill kits) and it failing more times than is statistically possible. Every attempt costing us wards, mats, kits.

There are so many other reasons it would take far to long to list them all. 

We as a community need to come together and show the devs WE ARE NOT HAPPY. They have treated us like idiots for far too long. We need to show them that THIS IS OUR GAME NOT THEIRS. The only clear way I see of doing this is for us to all sign this petition and overwhelmingly STAND UP to the bad business practices that the Neverwinter devs are hell bent on pursuing.

I care deeply about this community, it has been a home to me in my darkest days and a release from the stresses of the real world. I have no desire to see it die, if the devs continue in this way they will only shoot themselves in their collective feet. There will be a mass exodus, no more players means no more money. Please come together with me and call for the higher ups to be replaced by a team that cares about the future of our hobby.

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