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Use biodegradable plastic instead of normal plastic in six pack rings

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Hi, we are the Tacobots and we would like Pepsi to use this idea for their six pack rings. The idea is a biodegradable plastic which is not only biodegradable but also edible. So in case an animal eats it they won't be harmed. The name of this product is Fantastic Bioplastic. It is simple to make, the ingredients are just gelatin, glycerin, and water(see complete recipe below). We want you to use this plastic instead of the one you use today for 6 pack rings.  We have some pictures about what the six pack rings can do to animals. We know that the current six pack rings are photodegradable but they still contribute to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The garbage patch is in the Pacific Ocean and is the size of Texas and harms animals.  


Plastic marine pollution is injuring and killing fish, seabirds and marine mammals. Currently there is no solution to prevent this from happening.


      We came up with this idea because plastic pollution causes over 100,000 marine animals to die from choking or being strangled every year. Plastic six pack rings can also cause growth defects by preventing animals from eating to get nutrients or by blocking a direction that the animal grows.

Our team then decided to research about plastic pollution affecting sea life. After research we decided to narrow down to the impact of 6-pack rings on marine life.


1 cup of water

42 g Gelatine

0.5 oz of glycerin

One drop of food color


Boil one cup of water, put 42g Gelatine inside the water and stir until Gelatine dissolved. Then put .5 oz of glycerin and one drop of food color. Stir the liquid before turning off the fire. Pour the liquid to a container and keep it overnight inside the refrigerator and cut the shape. After that put the container back to the refrigerator until it  dries.


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