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Convince PepsiCo to fund synthetic palm oil research

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Sustainable Palm Oil Practices Petition

As you know, palm oil is a type of edible vegetable oil which is grown in the African oil palm tree but this tree can be grown in not just Africa but anywhere in which there is a rainforest like environment. The reason why this oil is grown is because it is used in a lot of things from detergent, chocolate, instant noodles and just about anything that you can think of so there is a lot of demand for it. Basically, palm oil is grown throughout the world but most of it is produced and exported from Indonesia and Malaysia, and the problem is how the corporations develop the palm oil industries which is by burning down trees and another natural vegetation for room to fit plantations which is leads to a lot of problems. Less vegetation means that there are less for the animals living there to eat and more pollution since more smoke is being released into the air and also less vegetation is able to absorb the carbon dioxide being released. I think that growing palm oil is an international problem that must be addressed to the Pepsi Co, which is one of the leading companies involved with manufacturing palm oil, advocating them to engage in funding for sustainable palm oil practices because of these two reasons.

First, the production of palm oil and the development of these industries are endangering the animals living in areas that are used to farm palm oil. According to, It is estimated that a third of the population of all mammals species in Indonesia are endangered and this is the statistics for only one of the countries so imagine how many animals are killed for this commodity that is so valued for making things soft and silky. Basically, the habitats for these animals are being burned down to create land for palm oil plantations and that has made these animals vulnerable to poachers and hunters since they have nowhere to hide. There is also a lack of food for these animals and they breathe in the smoke from the fires so many of them die. The worst part is that  palm oil is basically found in anything such as chips, soap, detergent or basically anything that you can think of so it is a high demand commodity and demand will only increase as there are so many people in this world.

Secondly, the production of palm oil and development of these industries contribute to climate change. The burning of forests and vegetation decreases the amount of plants available to absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and also releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The loss of vegetation is the equivalent of 300 football fields destroyed about every hour according to the WorldWide Fund of Nature. The amount released from these fires is so much that according to, Indonesia is basically the third largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. This puts Indonesia behind the U.S. and China in global greenhouse gases emissions.

I said that growing palm oil is an international problem that must be addressed partly by bringing this to the attention of Pepsi Co because of these two reasons. First, growing palm oil leads to the endangerment of animals because the forests are burned down to create room for palm oil plantations, so animals are left vulnerable and without food while also being exposed to the smoke. Secondly, growing palm oil contributes to climate change since the burning of forests lead to the decline in areas of rainforest so that there is less plants able to absorb the amounts of carbon dioxide released into the air from the fires. I hope that from this that you would see that this has become a big issue and that you would be involved in helping to solve this issue by signing this petition to advocate that Pepsi Co start funding research into sustainable palm oil practices.



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