Bring the Pepsi of ‘97 Back

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Remember in 1997 when Pepsi introduced a new logo? For those who don't know about this, the logo took place on a blue ice cube background, with the Pepsi globe in 3D, and with the Pepsi text in white.

It was originally test marketed in mid 1997, then released in late 1997 that same year. This logo was replaced in February of 2003 with a new logo that lasted until 2008/2009, and the old logo was still used in other countries up until 2004/2005.

Please sign this petition so we can bring back this 1997 logo, and make it permanent for real. If we get enough people to sign this petition, some people will be very happy about this, while others might get mad/sad/confused about this change. But don’t worry, it would still be the SAME KIND OF Pepsi, people. We would get our 1997 logo back on cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cups, you name it! Besides, we have the JOY of Pepsi in ALL of us, and everyone else in this world has the joy of Pepsi as well.

(PLEASE NOTE: If Pepsi/PepsiCo declines after we reach 100 supporters, NEVER, EVER give up, and keep supporting it)