Bring Back Mountain Dew Typhoon AND Revolution for the summer of 2019

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It's been several VERY long years since these Delicious Beverages have been in stores. We DEWnation want them back!! Baja Blast is great and all, but... We miss these flavours too and want them back!!

Spam Pepsi, use emails, share this petition EVERYWHERE on social media. Comment the link on their twitter page. Demand them back! Lets start a movement, the return of these two is requested more than you know. Don't believe me? Share this and find out. Make this just the start of returns, we want Distortion, we want Supernova. Even old Game Fuels, so many young new Dew fans haven't even heard of these! That's garbage!! We want these cans and bottles of the amazing drinks these were. Bring them back JUST how we remember them, NO 1/2 diet sweeteners. They are NASTY and make the drink overly sweet in the wrong way!