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Peoples Assembly/Organizing First Friday's

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In light of the enormously successful independently developed & locally operated First Friday/Art Mur Mur monthly event that has been organically grown over the last 9 years. Currently how it is managed & operated has come to the attention of the City of Oakland. As a result the responsibly of creating a system to manage its growing success has fell on the business owners, vendors, artists & residents of the city. Thanks to the City of Oakland officials foresight to stand aside in this process, this now becomes a prime opportunity to create a organization to not only nurture the success of First Friday’s/Art Mur Mur, but the overall community of Oakland.

Proposal: The creation of a People’s Assembly

This would allow the citizens, merchants & artists to bring ideas thru proposals that could benefit the overall growth & development of the event. A consensus based process that builds committees to help guide the natural evolution the event and empower the community to propose and vote on changes we would like to see directly. Within this process committees can be formed to manage the various different responsibilities of the events. Committees would have a vetting process which would also help diffuse any centralized power by small groups that would attempt to control this organically grown community event. Keeping true to the tradition of community organizing that Oakland is known for, also the spirit of Art Mur Mur which is a free event driven by Art, Culture & Music. We the community, are in a position to empower each other by creating a system based on transparency which can have the ability to build and bring pre-existing organizations together to improve and create more events that can benefit the overall community.

The overall intent:

To give everyone involved in the Art Mur Mur/First Friday the ability to have a voice in the beautiful evolution of event & the City of Oakland, also empower them to continue to take action through a consensus based voting process. This would take place publicly, so that it limits the possibility for corruption by small groups who like to govern without any accountability.

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