People Per Hour (PPH) Restore The Old Fee Structure

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PPH have released a new fee structure starting July 2018 accompanied with an email telling us that fees are actually reducing, not increasing - this is not the case.

Freelancers work tirelessly on PeoplePerHour to make an impact and create a name for themselves and PPH WAS a good platform to do this on, up until recently, where the following fee structure was introduced on a buyer basis rather than overall billings.

The new structure dictates that 20% service fees will be applicable with every buyer up until a point where billings for that buyer reach £500 where the service fee will then drop to 7.5%. Only when a freelancer bills a whopping £5000 with an individual buyer does that fee finally fall to 3.5%.

This fee structure is borderline scandalous at it makes it incredibly difficult for freelancers to make money on the platform - regardless of what CERT you are.

PPH pushes it's 'hourlie' service which is meant to be a 'quickfire' service in which we can work with buyers on fast / rapid contracts with deadlines. This means a tonne of freelancers income comes from many buyers in the duration of a month with a one off service. Now, all of these quick fire hourlie sales will be subject to a 20% fee. If we include VAT in this - that's 40% before we even see an income. This is wholly unacceptable - and borderline abhorrent.

PPH claims that the new structure is backed up by feedback from its freelancers. I for one and all the undersigned would love to see this research - as from all the other TOP CERTS I've spoken to that have billed hundreds of thousands on the platform drastically disagree with the new structure.

PPH you said that the fee structure wouldn't change. We didn't want the change. It's left us reeling and out of pocket and you need to sort this out as soon as possible or, I for one, will be leaving the platform.

20% for the first £500 billed and 5% thereafter for freelancers that aren't applicable to the 15% and 3.5% thereafter.

The structure is scandalous, unrealistic and will inevitably drive freelancers to other platforms.




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