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Almost everyone would like to change something in their life: their job, their financial or marital status, their body. There’s a big difference, though, between wishing for something and actually taking action to make it happen.

Research shows that the most common change women desire is weight loss. A Gallup Poll found that nearly two thirds of American females believe they are over their ideal weight, and would like to shed some pounds.

It appears, though, that they’re more likely to search for the best fat burner for women’s bodies than they are to change what they eat or alter their exercise routine. The research company NPD Group claims that fewer American females are dieting than in the past; the most recent numbers show that 23 percent reported being on a diet in 2012, compared with 35 percent twenty years earlier. The results also show that when women do go on diets, they stick to them for shorter periods of time than in the past.

They’re not exercising more, either. A recent study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that fewer than 20-percent of women get the minimum amount of recommended weekly exercise.

Meanwhile, sales of diet pills and fat burning supplements have been increasing rapidly in America and throughout the world. An enormous number of products claiming to quickly burn excess body fat clog the shelves of pharmacies and health food stores, and ads for these products bombard surfers every time they’re online. The alleged benefits are obvious: you can supposedly lose lots of weight quickly and easily, without worrying about diet or exercise. Unfortunately, most of these products simply don’t work as promised.

This has led many overweight females to ask two simple questions:

1.    Do any of these products work?

2.    If so, what’s the best fat burner for women to use in order to change their body?

Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract

To answer those questions, it’s important to look at an obscure plant which grows in the mountains of Thailand, India and Nepal: Coleus forskohlii. This mint has been effectively used for centuries in many forms of Asian medicine, to treat everything from bronchitis and asthma to skin rashes and angina.

But in 1974, a drug company found that extracts from the plant’s roots were able to lower muscle spasms and blood pressure. And later, another scientific, double-blind study showed that when concentrated, the extract could increase how quickly the body burns its stored fat leading to effective weight loss. This study led to more experimentation and eventually to the release of a product called Forskolin Ultra Trim, which uses Coleus Forskohlii root extract as its main active ingredient.

What’s The Scientific Process?

Most products claiming to be the best fat burner for women have purported scientific evidence for those claims. Often, it seems like a lot of double talk. That leads to the big question: how can Forskolin Ultra Trim lead to major changes in weight? As it turns out, there are three important, concurrent processes which occur in the body after ingestion of Coleus Forskohlii root extract. This will get a bit scientific, but we’ll try to make it easy to digest.

1.    The extract boosts the body’s levels of the fat-burning enzyme known as hormone sensitive lipase. This enzyme works with another hormone, epinephrine, to release stored body fat into the bloodstream, and then break it apart so the fatty acids can be easily turned into energy.

2.    The extract also helps the body produce the molecule cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). In turn, cAMP causes the release of another molecule called protein kinase; basically, this substance increases the oxidation of fatty acids in the blood, breaking down triglycerides in the process. That’s just a fancy way to say that it burns fat. At the same time, it slows the development of new fat.

3.    Finally, the cAMP produced by the extract boosts the body’s testosterone levels, leading to a higher metabolism and more efficient and faster fat burning. Increased testosterone also leads to better synthesis of protein in the body, for the development of new lean muscle.

So, What Does That All Mean?

The bottom line is that Forskolin Ultra Trim, because it makes full use of the power of Coleus Forskohlii root extract, is able to energize a woman’s body to release stored fat, burn it efficiently, and stop the formation of large amounts of new body fat. That means the body can also effectively use energy from food to preserve and build new lean muscle, instead of turning it into new fat deposits. It’s able to actually change the shape and size or women’s bodies, without starvation diets or drastic exercise routines.

That’s not just scientific theory. Human clinical trials, the results of which have been published by the National Institutes of Health, have shown that Coleus Forskohlii root extract does exactly what it would be expected to do: enhance and increase fat burning. And even Dr. Oz has chimed in, saying that Forskolin is “the rapid belly melt for every body type” because it burns accumulated fat in the belly from within. Many who have used the product agree, reporting impressive and rapid weight loss and muscle building.

Sensible Use of Forskolin Ultra Trim

Even though Coleus Forskohlii root extract makes Forskolin the best fat burner for women currently on the market, and the product works even without exercise or diet, it produces even greater results for women who eat and exercise sensibly. That’s because the harder the body has to work to break down new intakes of fat, the less energy it can devote to burning existing fat deposits. And a regular exercise routine can work hand-in-hand with the fat-burning enzymes produced by Forskolin to accelerate the weight loss seen by users. In fact, the product makes it easier than ever to work out on a regular basis, because of the extra energy that’s produced as the body’s metabolism increases.

One final and important fact about Forskolin Ultra Trim is that it’s made in the United States from 100% natural and organic ingredients, which separates it from many other diet products produced in foreign labs with artificial and unnecessary added ingredients.

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