Save our FREE Postcode Lottery!

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Free Postcode Lottery (FPL) is enjoyed every day by hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, because it's free, fun and easy to use – and some of us have even been lucky enough to win!! But now this is all being threatened by the People's Postcode Lottery from the Netherlands who are suing FPL, and Chris the Founder specifically, for trademark infringement and "passing off".

We are calling on PPL to stop this absurd action against FPL because:

• We do not believe that FPL is "passing off" as PPL – PPL requires a £10 monthly subscription to be in with a chance of winning tens of thousands of pounds, whereas FPL is FREE to be in with a chance of winning hundreds of pounds a day, so on that basis alone it's pretty hard to confuse the two offerings! It's insulting to our intelligence to think that we would get confused.

• It's hard to understand how PPL can claim to have any rights over the concept of a "postcode lottery", given that "postcode lottery" is a phrase that's been applied to everything from the NHS to life expectancy.

• About a third of the money paid to PPL goes to charitable causes and the majority of this payment is required by law. Their charity work is a core part of their marketing to users and used to persuade players to stay when they phone up to quit. We believe that their customers would not be happy to discover that they are spending their money on unnecessary and expensive legal bills, when it could be donated to charity instead.

• We don't believe the "ambassadors" that they recruit with their persuasive donations (including Richard Branson, George Clooney, Clare Balding, Trevor McDonald and Emma Thompson) would approve of their bullying behaviour.

Please sign this petition today requesting that PPL call off this action! Instead they should compete fair and square, and keep their war chest for charitable causes rather than lining the pockets of lawyers. If enough of us sign this, we can make them sit up and listen – because many of us are customers of PPL as well as FPL. Please help save our FREE Postcode Lottery today!!!

PS If you want more information on how the "People's" Postcode Lottery operate you can read reviews from their own customers and staff here: