Anxiety and your health

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I have depression & anxiety, been that way for nearly20 years, sadly none of the normal prescribed options have not made a change. My point of starting this petition is as I know what it's like to live with this nightmare, I've realised that it's not made easier when if u have a dentist appointment and u miss it u are removed from the practice, as I have a Lot of experience in this I'm annoyed cause I for instance know how hard it is to leave the house sometimes,if I have an appointment I will never sleep the night before worrying about every possible thing my mind will allow, I will argue with myself as my logical mind is still there trying to make me see sense but Mrs anxiety always has too much to say, and unfortunately has won those feuds more than I wish. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I feel like I need to try and help it stop as mental health is so widespread and not given a fraction of the help it seriously needs as soon as possible, so it's took me so long to keep my concentration to type this but if u know me u know how hard that is due to my mental health. Please sigh this our children are facing a cruel world if we don't make a change. Thanks a million x