Swift JUSTICE for Andrew(A.J) Freund

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A.J died as a result of his drug addict parents and his little brother was taken into care.CPS failed this one and he died at the hands of his parents.He died after being beat and placed in a freezing shower for lord knows how long.After his parents lied and said they didnt know what happened and then cell phone records caught them.They finally told their story and where to find this child's body, buried wrapped in plastic in a shallow grave days later.We need justice and not a long drawn out court case.They intentionally killed their boy a long torturous death for a five year old.We need for all these child killings to STOP and punishment should be death. Or no possible chance for parole.A.J. doesnt get to live so why should they? I dont believe they should be allowed to plea bargain and get out of jail and waste taxpayers money... Please share and sign. Thank-You.