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Stop crime against humanity by Israel on the Gaza and Palestinians!

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“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”

Nelson Mandella -

From June 29 - now, the world know that Israel attacks Palestine, Gaza and West Bank, but the main target is Gaza. "more than 150 people injured, the death toll reached 30 people, more than 10 houses razed to the ground, and rockets were falling throughout the city of Gaza." said Abdillah Onim, Indonesian who live in Gaza (July, 9, 2014).

England gifted Palestine, a land it did not own or occupy, to Jews in a simple 68 worded letter, the Balfour Declaration, sent to a rich English Jewish banker, Lord Rothschild, in 1917. President Truman in 1948 recognized the newly established State of Israel within 6 minutes of its declaration of "independence" (from whom?). 


Millions of Palestinians are now the largest refugee population in the world living in refugee camps run by the United Nation Organization, UNRWA, as dispossessed refugees in their own land and in a Diaspora in neighboring Arab countries and around the world. They have been refugees for 66 years while the world remains silent as Israel continues to expropriate and settle their remaining lands in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, all with the aid and protection of the United States, a superpower shackled by the powerful Pro Israeli lobbies and media. 

World Governments maybe silent but we citizens of the world will "never again" be silent as Israel, the most condemned nation on earth by hundreds of U.N. Resolutions, the International Criminal Court, and Human Rights Organizations, continues to commit war crimes against Palestinian civilians, acting with total impunity and protection from its hostage supporter, the United States. 

We The People, the signers of this petition from around the world today declare that words and silence are no longer an option, no longer a policy or behavior worthy of our humanity and our beloved values of brotherhood. 

We will join each other with dedicated courageous hearts and hands in an unrelenting worldwide massive movement and resistance against any government that adopts a direct or indirect policy of supporting Israel's illegal occupation due to domestic or international pressures.

We the People, in truth and courage will never stop our words and actions until a Palestinian child can enjoy all the freedoms, rights, privileges, and citizenship conferred upon him/her by his/her own independent State of Palestine with its capitol in East Jerusalem.

We're here because the people of Palestine deserve a voice. We're here because they deserve protection. We're here because they are human. They have hearts. They have tears. They have souls. We have to end this. We must end Israeli settlements in Palestine. Israel has no right to take the homes of these people while so many in Gaza and West Bank need homes to live in. The air we breathe here in our country is the same air we breathe in Palestine. We are under one planet, one sky, one sun, and one moon. By this sign, invite all of the people in the world, President of Republic of Indonesia, United Nations, Ban Ki Moon to:

1. Condemned the Israeli attack which is a form of crimes against humanity to Palestinians

2. Do a concrete work to stop the crimes against humanity committed by Israel

3. Open the Rafah crossing, Egypt for the distribution of aid

4. Continue to provide information and the voice of what is happening in Palestine

5. Pray for Gaza, especially for moslem all around the world, please do 'qunut nazilah' and 'ghaib' pray


Raise your voice for what we all inherently believe in: the humanity of all people. Save Gaza, Save Palestine, Save Humanity. Please.

God bless all who sign this petition who love freedom for themselves and for all humanity.

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