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Make Nat'l Assemblyman Pyo Changwon Minister for Agriculture -stand up for the Korean dogs

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Make National Assemblyman Chairman Pyo Changwon Minister for Agriculture - stand up for the dogs of Korea!

We ask the Government of Korea and the People of Korea to make Pyo Changwon the new Minister for Agriculture!

Pyo Changwon is someone with compassion towards animals, who has established an early in life commitment to protecting dogs from harm and is a man who has spoken about his struggle between national pride and wanting to keep his childhood promise to protecting dogs from harm,  he is ideally placed to provide real change on this issue, we ask that you take a real stand for animals to the betterment of Korea, its people and animals by selecting Pyo Changwon who we hope will take an active role to change the law and to continue to foster the change of prevailing attitudes toward dog meat consumption in South Korea.

Barbaric animal cruelty should have no place and no identity within noble Korean culture.  Shameful, barbaric and more-often illegal practices in the dog meat trade are carried out behind closed doors.  The torturing, electrocution, hanging, beating and barbaric slaughter of dogs for human consumption HAS to stop if Korean’s want a culture to be proud of and a heritage that is respected not only within Korea but with its peers in the international community.  The tide is already turning, many Koreans (including many young people) are set against this barbaric trade and recognize dogs as our companions and friends, to be protected from harm, and we believe Pyo Changwon is the person who can unite all of these interests.  

We ask you the people of Korea, the government of Korea to take action, to make people young and old proud to be Korean again and bring about change for the betterment of everyone. 

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